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What's New in Codey's World 10/16/2019

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Life Can Be Lonely ~ Chapter 21 of a Novel by Colin Kelly. What is it like when those closest to you are not there any longer?

Derrick-Jake-Nick ~ Chapters 9 and 10 of a Novel by Cole Parker. Nothing's been easy for Derrick. Even now with a big change occurring, nothing is certain.

From our archive: Stories and poems that we think you'll enjoy reading again — or for the first time.

Andy's Roommate ~ A Short Story by Colin Kelly. Andy is a college freshman. For the first time in his life he's living in a dorm and he has a roommate. It's an exciting time. There's just one problem: Andy is gay and in the closet. How does he keep his roommate from finding out?

Click here to read the hundreds of serial novels, short stories, flash fiction, and poems on the Codey's World site.


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