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What's New in Codey's World 09/09

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Black Sheep ~ Chapter 12 of Part 3 of a Novel by Kia. As all seemed well, everything came crashing down around him. Vic knows he needs to make changes, but will he be strong enough to push through? And can he stop the pain he seems to be causing others? A visitor might be his only hope. Mature or distressing themes. This story deals with violence and self-harm.

Dig Deep, Fight Hard ~ A Poem by Ellie Kan. This poem was written right after I had talked to a friend and convinced myself to ask a guy out. I hope it shows the hardships of asking someone out, and putting yourself out there. If you guys who read this have any stories like this, please email and tell me; I'd love to hear them. And I always appreciate any feedback you have about my poetry. Thanks!

Reorientation ~ Chapter 22 of a Novel by Colin Kelly. Jason announces to his family that he's gay. His sisters and his father tell him that it doesn't make any difference, they love him regardless of whether he's gay or straight or whatever. But what about his mother? Can she come to accept that her son is gay?

Featured stories are from our archive and we think you'll enjoy reading them again — or for the first time.

Featured: The Day of Green Fire ~ A Short Story with Audio by Tiffany Cook from the Codey's World archive. Marcasite wants to find peace from herself in a world where magic is life. The battle to that serenity is hard, and many personal demons must be faced as well as overcome.

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