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What's New in Codey's World 05/04

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Reorientation ~ Chapter 34 of a Novel by Colin Kelly. Jason announces to his family that he's gay. His sisters and his father tell him that it doesn't make any difference, they love him regardless of whether he's gay or straight or whatever. But what about his mother? Can she come to accept that her son is gay?

Puppy Love ~ Chapters 10 and 11 of a Novel by Cole Parker. A boy and his dog: what could be more natural? For Kerry, nothing seems to be easy, and a dog is just another complication.

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Featured: The Change ~ A Short Story by Blind Eagle from the Codey's World archive. Have you ever thought to yourself what it would be like to be someone else for a change? Ethan is about to experience major changes in his life that will take him beyond his wildest dreams.

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The Codey's World 2012-2013 Holiday Collection is complete. See our 2012-2013 Holiday Collection page for links to the stories and poems in the collection.

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