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What's in a Name? by Pertinax Carrus

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There's a fun little story about names, mostly given (first) names, on Codey's World. You can find it here.

Most people, especially most kids, don't think about where their given names were derived. This story fills in that information for many names. I think you'll find it interesting and worth a few minutes to read. And you just might find out something about your given name.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Okay, so let's see what we find when we Google our names, in addition to the story by Pertinax,

from Behind the Name dot com

GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: English, Irish
PRONOUNCED: DEZ-mənd [key]
Meaning & History
From an Irish surname which was derived from Deasmhumhain meaning "South Munster", originally indicating a person who came from that region in Ireland.
Notice the Z sound for Des, which is the way my family, friends and I have always pronounced it.
I drew a blank on DownUnder as a name. I'm not surprised.
As for the Munster bit, I'm sure my mom would have agreed with that on some days, at least.
I, of course, have always looked south to see my munster.
I better stop there, before I upset the Codey's World rules. :lol:
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