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  1. Swedish Pronoun: Hen

    Swedish Pronoun: Hen Identifying as non-binary can be difficult, but Sweden has an official gender-neutral pronoun: hen. It’s similar to the use of singular “they” in English. It took inspiration from the neutral pronoun in the Finnish language (hän) and after much debate “hen” was officially adopted. Its use is: – for talking about someone who’s gender is unknown – when the gender is unnecessary in the conversation – for talking about someone who identifies as neither male nor female It’s been used in various places in Sweden, some say since the 1960s, but was discussed in mainstream media in 2013 and eventually placed into the official Swedish dictionary in 2015. It has two main uses in Sweden. The first is, obviously, for LGBT+ groups but the second is interesting. Some schools and pre-schools have started using “hen” for their pupils so as not to push gender roles or identities on their students. First studies suggest that the use of “hen” in early education doesn’t reduce children’s tendency to use gender to categorize people, but it reduces their tendency to gender-stereotype and gender-segregate. The use of hen is the same and just as simple as han (he) or hon (she), for example, “hen är vacker” – “they are beautiful”. ##### Found this little article and thought it worth sharing. Enjoy.
  2. Haywood Book 2

    Well, it's finally progressing, just as I promised. Haywood's Journey, Book 2, Soaring To New Heights is available on Amazon; in Kindle format and as a paperback. For those who'd like to see how the story finally progresses, here's the link. Now comes the hard part. I've publicly committed to getting Book 3 (Landing in Triumph) completed and published by my birthday (Feb. 25). So, I'm off to get that process going. FYI: I'm about 2/3 through the first draft, so I'm not starting from scratch. LOL. Hope some of you try these book.
  3. Release of the new Haywood's Journey

    Always like hearing that. LOL. I'm halfway through book 2 final review. Another week or so before it becomes available. Thanks for your support Nigel. And anyone else who's joined the Haywood fan club. LMAO.
  4. Well, folks, I've just published book 1 of Haywood's Journey (New Version). It's currently in eBook format only. It'll take a couple of days for the printed version to be available. I know, it's taken too long for this to happen. So, get your copy, whichever format you prefer, and then spread the word. I can't afford any real promotional campaigns, so it's going to be primarily word of mouth. The new title is Rising From The Ashes, by Addym Kehris. Oh yes, and if you buy, be sure to go back and post a review. That's a very important aspect of getting the book noticed. Now, give me a couple of weeks and I'll get book 2 out there. I'm going to concentrate on putting the final touches on that book before I tackle completing the first draft of book 3. Now the real work begins. Sigh. LOL.…/…/ref=sr_1_1…
  5. Contesting personal freedoms

    We could only wish that there was some real accountability for situations such as this. No matter what euphemisms you use, this is child abuse and should be prosecuted as such. I'll even go so far as to say, In My Opinion, that these people are all accomplices to murder.
  6. Without a Word Spoken

    This says so much, without a word being spoken. It's only four minutes long and will be worth your time. According to IMDB, this short gem was released on 1 June 2017. The YouTube version you're going to see here has almost 10 million views in only a little over 2 months. And look at all the awards in that short time too. Oh yeah, and it was created by a pair of students at Ringling College of Art and Design. Anyway, enjoy.
  7. Without a Word Spoken

    This says so much, without a word being spoken. It's only four minutes long and will be worth your time. According to IMDB, this short gem was released on 1 June 2017. The YouTube version you're going to see here has almost 10 million views in only a little over 2 months. And look at all the awards in that short time too. Anyway, enjoy.
  8. Son of a Preacherman

    Wow, very powerful. Thanks for sharing, dude.
  9. Russian Whackos speak out

    I think Chris was living in Japan at the time of that picture. I believe the sight of a nine year old with a full beard disturbed the locals, so his mother made him shave it off. I think that's when the gay set in, when he was unprotected. Sigh.
  10. A New Pride Flag?

    Fair enough, Cynus. It's only fair to acknowledge that even our culture can contain small minded people who react only to what they see and, for whatever reason, choose to posture as the superior people they aren't. I'm just glad I've never encountered it in my experiences among LGBTQ folks. I'm the sort who'd probably get hurt because I wouldn't be able to keep my mouth shut when I see crap like that. I suppose I should go looking to buy a small version of the Pride Flag before it becomes unavailable.
  11. A New Pride Flag?

    Nice to know, ChrisR. thanks for sharing.
  12. A New Pride Flag?

    Huh. I'm surprised to hear this. I've visited many gay communities across the country over the decades and hadn't noticed any racism. Preferences, surely. And yes, I suppose there are some stereotypes, such as the Asian thing mentioned. But I've never considered that racism, perhaps because I've always subscribed to the following definition of racism: "prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior" I've always seen a good mix of ethnicity in the places I visited, and always witnessed those ethnicities intermingling quite amicably. So, I'm with Chris on this one. If I ever have occasion to display a Pride Flag, it will be the old style and not this new abomination. Hasn't the LGBTQ community always been about acceptance? My experience says it has. Frankly, I see this as a slap in the face of all those who have paved the way for GAY rights and equality.
  13. If only all kids were like this one

    I've seen his appearance on Ellen and besides the check, she also paired him with her personal Aps development team to help him complete his work. We need to keep encouraging these types of kids.
  14. Kazoo Kid Dance Challenge

    If I'm not mistaken, this kid auditioned for the recent season of So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation. He was selected as a top 100 out of the thousands who auditioned. That tells me he's good enough to impress the professionals. LOL. I don't remember how much higher his placement went, but he did not make the live shows. Just thought I'd mention.
  15. Mixing languages

    Here's a thought for consideration too. Just let me say that I'm glad I'm not the one that has this dilemma. LOL. Anyway, here's my point: the question that comes to my mind is how confident is the author that he can do the Aussie English justice. Since I know for a fact that AD has several Aussie readers, you're setting yourself up for harsh criticism. Not that Chris has ever had a problem taking criticism, far from it. He does, after all, put up with my snide comments during the proofreads/edits I do for him. So, just thought I'd bring the point up, since it is not a point anyone else seemed to consider important. Having said that, it could be fun. Good luck, Buddy.