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  1. A lot of thuth here.
  2. For the record, I understand that the four parts of A Canterbury Tale, The Refugee's Tale (6 chapters), The Acolytes's Tale, (6 chapters ), The Poet's Tale (5 chapters) and The Outsider's Tale (5 chapters) have been-re-edited. To what extent, I'm not sure. A Canterbury Tale is just the first of a number of fine stories by excellent authors to be re-serialized this year. I hope you enjoy the effort. Mike
  3. dude

    New for 2021

    Beginning January 2021 AwesomeDude will be re-serializing outstanding novels that have appeared over the 17 years we have been around. The stories will be temporarily removed from the Home Pages of their authors and will be re-serialized as if they were new stories. Each chapter will be upload during our twice weekly updates to the Current and Reserialized Novels List . On January 2nd we begin with the highly acclaimed set of stories by FreeThinker... A Canterbury Tale. You will be able to identify Reserialized stories as their links will be marked with the image before the story'
  4. I just wanted to pause and say thanks to everyone who has worked to keep AwesomeDude.com online and providing great Novels, Novellas and Short Stories. This coming spring we'll be beginning our seventeenth year and that is thanks to all of you, our readers and to our authors who provide the stories you enjoy. And as there there expenses to be paid to maintain the AwesomeDude and CodeysWorld sites and to this Forum which supports them, we are also indebted to those of you who participate by making donations through our PayPal account. Also many thanks to AlienSon in Australia who
  5. Hmmm echoes of Paul Simon. Seriously, though, just where will Trump go when he is dragged kicking and screaming from the White House? Florida? Well, he's now a legal resident of Florida. But his business headquarters is still based in New York City. And while Trump will almost certainly pardon himself and his family for their Federal crimes, he can't do so in the tax, banking and real-estate fraud cases pending against him in New Yor City and New York State. He may well end up living in upstate New York and sporting a leisure suit matching the orange makeup he we
  6. What an amazing and moving story. Calvin and his fellow kid sailors and soldiers were true American heroes..... But of course in the lexicon of our current Loser in Chief, a.k.a. Private Bonespur, they would be suckers and losers.
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