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  1. Aha.... Michael Province as Gianni in Joe's The Admiralty Strad. 😁
  2. Here's a very clever clip featuring Kevin Chung and Albert Chang playing the theme from BBC's Sherlock, the last episode I watched just last night on Netflix. Certainly not K-Pop Are they still performing? Elementary, my dear Watson!
  3. Not sure of the location but it was filmed November 2012. Here is more info: This is our little medley of songs representative of the different time periods music has traversed through. We know this may not be the most historically accurate, but we mainly chose songs that would transfer well to solo violin and cello, taking inspiration from groups such as String Fever and Igudesman and Joo. We also performed this same medley at AJ Rafael's Music Speaks 2012 as the winner of his audition contest. Hope you guys enjoy our video/music, and special brownie points to anyone who can name all th
  4. Love this presentation by a couple of Korean-American lads.
  5. Gratuitously bloody? YUM!
  6. Get those stories to me by 10/20/2020 or else! The Great Pumpkin
  7. I think this kid just beat me as the youngest conductor!
  8. Happened to me as well. When I arrived for my first orchestra practice at Normandy Jr. High School in St. Louis... I was 20 minutes late and was assigned a huge B-flat upright horn. Weighing barely a hundred pounds and five feet tall... I had the biggest (musical☺️) instrument in the concert orchestra. Despite the hopeless odds, including my limited lung capacity, my folks hired a tutor and I was taking tuba lessons. Because of the disparity between my physical size and requirements of "the beast" the band director, Mr. Duncan, obtained a stool for me to sit on and commandeered a was
  9. 11 year-old Harrison on piano, 10 year-old Jack on drums and his 6 year-old brother Alfie on vocals. Check out Harrison Piano Channel as well.
  10. Halloween is supposed to be the Gay International Holiday, right? Well, AwesomeDude always observes this holiday by hosting Halloween Stories on the site. As an emu friend reminded me (no, not the Liberty Mutual one) Haloween this year falls on a Saturday, the big AD posting day. Soooo... we're asking all our AD Authors to submit stories for Halloween 2020. I encourage our authors to do so.... and for readers, if your favorite author doesn't come through.... you can send him/her/them/it a NastyGram. If you are an AD Author.... kindly sign up in this thread for your own
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