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  1. Camy, please delete the third video. The first two are cool but this axxhole is vulgar and his language is not welcome at AwesomeDude. I tried to delete this loser but for some reason had no success. Thanks, Mike
  2. dude

    Happy May Day!

    Oh. my! 🤩
  3. dude

    AD on Hiatus

    Awesomedude.com is on hiatus. Posting will resume on current novels plus short stories on May 1st. See you then! Mike
  4. Now I'm under attack, too? I'm going to put a stop to this very soon. I don't have much patience with trouble makers. Mike
  5. dude

    New for 2021

    Oh Wow yourself! Just noticed your posting. I'll certainly be contacting you sometime this weekend, which, BTW, is the 17th anniversary of AD's going online! Mike
  6. Actually, I really like this video and the kids... Howie Mandel, a third rate actor who's greatest accomplishment was getting the AGT gig and sitting in for Simon, gave the kids a thumbs down rating. On the other hand Howard Stern the hard-nosed shock jock gave them a big thumbs up. Two aging guys named Howard on the same panel of judges... go figure! As for me.... 👍👍!!
  7. Hint: He's a competitive figure skater who can't compete because of the pandemic. LOL
  8. A lot of thuth here.
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