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  1. Both soloists were great! I've been following these kids for several weeks. There are several pieces by them on YouTube. Who'd a thunk? Mike
  2. Harumph..... Guys don't own cats...... cats own guys! 😻
  3. Aha... just read this thread... didn't know John LLoyd had emailed me. Will contact him today. He certainly knows my email address dude@awesomedude.com. I met John last year when he was visiting Palm Springs. He also has my telephone number and he can always post on the AD Forums to contact me if all else fails. Yes, I've been busy but have received no contact from him lately. Hmmmm Mike
  4. dude


    I love it! 🐱
  5. dude


    Colin was preparing to post the epilogue to Baxter Saturday, but faced an unexpected family emergency on Friday. That is why - despite assertions to the contrary - he was unable to post at DodeysWorld / He expressed by phone that as soon as the emergency is resolved, he'll be posting again. Mike
  6. Effective May 2020 AwesomeDude will revert to posting once a week on Saturdays. This will continue for the foreseeable future. Thanks, Mike dude@awesomedude.com
  7. dude


    That is incorrect. The latest update is dated April 2nd. In the United States the format for indicating is month-day-yearl. I spoke with Colin today and he informs me that beginning this month May 2017 CodeysWorld will post weekly on Saturdays. We will be doing same at AwesomeDude.com.
  8. dude

    For Mike!

    Oh My! 😂
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