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(13) My URTI is hurty.



I am certain I have been suffering an URTI, an upper respiratory infection. Of course being a hypochondriac I was certain it was my dismal end until I started to feel better. Better enjoyed me feeling him too. I call him Better because he is better than me at coping with mild complaints. (I'm better at major surgical interventions.)

So convinced was I, of my fate, I began a dismal poem about "The End."

I may of course have to wait until I am dead to finish it as I want it to be accurate.

I made a big batch of what I call my Lentil stew. It cost less than $10 for 14 meals.

I deep freeze it and when ready just reheat it and do other things to it, like curry it or put it on noodles or both.

We eat it in the dark whilst we watch a movie so we don't have to look at it.

Now I can afford to buy next week's cheese and coffee.


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