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(12) Useless Ramblings



I just washed the floor in the bathroom and laundry. I try to do it every year whether it needs or not.

We are having a drought. The Govt. has put us all on restrictions. Water is very scarce.

I thought I might do a naked rain dance in the street to help. How would that help, I hear you ask?

Well it would scare the neighbours into leaving the state which would mean more water for those of us who remain.

Things are so serious with the water that pretty soon I will have to make the coffee with bodily fluids.

Won't need to add milk or cream. :icon_tongue:

Any way I was going to tell you about farthings. Hands up all those who know what a farthing is?

A farthing was a quarter of a penny. My grandparents told me they could buy quite a bit with one.

I saw one once, it had Queen Victoria on it...well her likeness anyway. I'm really not that old. She was dead before I was born.

Remember the Zac from my last blog entry? I was wrong. I have just realised that a zac was sixpence or 5 cents.

The slang for the threepenny piece was a "tray". I wonder if it was spelt tray could have been trey?

Well my mom use to get a tray for her lunch money.

It bought her an orange, a pastie or pie with tomato sauce, a cream bun and a drink of cordial.

That lot would cost $10 today.

I'm rambling aren't I? :shame:


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Uh, yes. Yes, you are. It's okay though Des. My ancient mother does the same thing. "Things are so expensive nowadays. How can anyone afford to buy it on $2 per week wages?" "Well, actually mum, people earn more than that now. A lot more." "Oh yes, of course they do. I still don't know how anyone can pay $1 per day for car insurance when they earn only $2 per week." Bart sighs, deeply, knowing that one day, mum will ask him how he got into the house and who he is. :(

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WBMS, that will depend on what you want me to clean.My partner fell about the floor laughing when I told him you thought I was domesticated.Then He added "I wish." He can get his own supper. Our water situation is quite serious. We may have to import food.Hell, its not as if the various doomsayers have not been warning governments for the last ten years. Anyone want to pass some of their water onto us Aussies? :icon6::hiya: Oh no, what have I said? :hiya:

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Maybe you guys can come grab some of our snow pack. It is the heaviest in many decades, and if it all starts to melt quickly in the summer heat, we may have our worset flooding in recorded history. Normally we'd be having quite the melting right now, and that's bad enough, but it's STILL snowing at the upper levels. This is not actually a reverse direction of global warming either. In the past, it seems, that warming has actually caused ice ages, due to increased precipitation. I don't know the time span from warming to snow, but it's probably lots longer than my lifespan.

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