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(23) Advanced notice re: undies



In case anything happens I don't want people to get a shock, so I am herewith advising you all that, being considerate of the beloved one sleeping, I got dressed in the dark this morning. Yeah I know me getting up before the crack of noon is in itself shocking, but hey, I went to bed early at 1.30am.

To return to the advanced notification, when I got dressed in the dark I put my boxer-briefs on inside out. If that wasn't bad enough they are also on back to front. :laugh:

Now, no less an authority than my mum, told me that if you put an article of clothing on inside out, it was good luck; but bad luck if it you corrected it.

So in case anyone reading this tries to have their way with me, please be forewarned that I am not making some new kind of fashion statement by wearing my undies this way.



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One can only assume that if this underwear comes with a built in access hatch, you want to be a receiver today, rather than the pitcher. :)

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Just a minute Trab, I'll check... No, they seem to be those new one piece seamless type, so I will just have to drop them down in order to accommodate whatever is happening. (as if anything is going to happen. LOL)

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