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  1. Trab


    I loved it, and frankly, the rest too. I'm binge reading them, easy enough to do during COVID isolation. I noticed the wording is a bit 'different' and emailed the author. English is not his first language, nor even his second, but he writes in it because English is so nearly universal. The locations he writes about, and the sailing details he incorporates, are from personal experience, although obviously not the recounts of distant yesteryear. All in all, I get the impression of a deeply intelligent man who loves sailing, the sea, nature, and men, not necessarily in that order.
  2. Well damn. Fantastic. Sadly reminiscent of my own younger years, although in my case the crushing of my openness was by teachers in an archaic system. I was devouring 700 page tomes by the time I was in grade 3, and gobbling up 5 or more books per week from grade 7 on. Even my sports abilities were similar, never to get any better with age. I'm happy this story had a good ending, so I could daydream about being in there too.
  3. I hate it when that happens. 😢
  4. Wow, wow, wow. I've now finished both of Richie's stories, and loved them.
  5. Indeed. Let us all try to acquire our own access. Just post the address.
  6. That was a nice read. Thx for the tip.
  7. Despite social distancing and self isolation I'm finding it impossible to keep up with all the stories. I've started on this charming 🙄 tale, but it's happening a bit like musical chairs; get up, move around, and read a bit of the next open story.
  8. Hey, you could have mentioned here that it's posted. https://awesomedude.com/cole-parker/trial-by-jury/trial-by-jury.htm
  9. Damn it Cole. You're the only one who could engineer a cliff hanger WITHOUT the story. 👍🏆🏆🏆
  10. Damn. I just realized its 33 minutes before Saturday. No wonder I can't see it.
  11. I know it's fiction, but it certainly shows how 'bad attitude' plays havoc with every aspect of our lives, and possibly deaths. Feeling the need to hide things, particularly from our loved ones and/or family (evil grin), doesn't help anyone, but it's a reality some have to deal with.
  12. Very nice, albeit a sad ending. Is 'poignant' the word I'm looking for?
  13. Beautiful, and all without music in front of him. Anybody want to bet that he's on the autistic spectrum? That's not a knock, btw.
  14. Cool, but I may be dumb myself. Is the asinine idea that of falling in love, and ignoring what others think?
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