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The Car Boot



Sunday car boot (trunk for those with a different vocabulary) sales have taken over from church as the place to congregate. Not only do we all worship the great God Mammon, but we either get a bargain or two, or make a few quid - depending if you're buying or selling. I've been both, but today I was selling.

I HATE it. Hate, hate, hate it! Got the idea? It's so damn embarrassing having total strangers trawling through your tat.... But needs must when the devil drives, so suffer I did, with cheesy grins to all and sundry. Mindless gossip with penurious proletarian peasants. Not that I'm hoity toity by any stretch of the imagination, it's just that I FUCKING HATE IT!

Then there's the guilt. Selling 'things' that my father gave to me.

It was strange: there was an old (pre 2nd world war) small two drawer wooden filling cabinet. One person wanted to buy it, and yet if he'd offered me a fortune I wouldn't have sold it to him. The chap who eventually bought it 'felt right'.

So here I am, back home. I'm not rich, but not poor. I guess it's better to make a few quid rather than chucking it all away, but I still hate it. There's another one next Sunday!


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Believe me, I know the feeling. In particular about selling (or throwing away) something I got from someone I love(d). We have something similar, the garage sale, or in some cases where the weather is consistently good, the yard sale. I've only done it once, but truly, the only way to deal with it is to line up all the stuff you really cannot keep, for whatever reason, and be prepared to chuck it in the dustbin (or landfill if it's really big). Once you've made your peace with that; that it is going, in fact, mentally it is already gone; you see if you can get some money for what is truly already gone psychologically. Now it's more like finding free money on the street, and those people are not pawing through 'your stuff' since it's now essentially garbage, you having already parted with it mentally. I guess what I'm saying is, do your grieving before the event, not at it. It will make it a whole lot easier on you.

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Thanks Trab,I know I should have mentally dealt with it before I went, and I think for the most part I had. My real problem is that I'm a shy sort, and a car boot is like getting up on stage. Hmm ... I might have made more dosh, busking....

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