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  1. The argument is valid, but the world is not that altruistic. Some immensely wealthy people have done this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Giving_Pledge
  2. It was hard to get her agreement, but finally: Sassy is happy to donate two bowls of her favourite biscuits and all the sachets of the wet food she particularly dislikes. I'd be happy to help out by busking, but people keep shouting, and throwing buckets of water over me.
  3. The thing is, Talo, rich people don't like giving their money away. It's why they're rich. I'm probably not going to have children, and the Cat's not too keen on paying bills. The world as we knew it, last year, is over. Once the 'new normal' settles down we'll still have the haves and have-nots. They'll still be wars, starving children, and wet markets in China....
  4. It's ironic, that after ten years of austerity, because of the 2008 crash, the UK government is now paying 80% of the salaries of almost the entire UK workforce (14 billion a month). It's a very fine line between public safety and a dead economy. Where will we be in ten years? No doubt some author of dystopian fiction will have the answer....
  5. I love that video. Can't see it too often!
  6. 'Simon's Socks' where whiffy feet aren't the end of the world.... Coming soon to a browser near you!
  7. Camy

    Baxter Epilogue

    1) Their editor is having conniptions. 2) The author dyed his hair blonde and consequently lost the plot. 😜 3) "I had that USB stick in my pocket, I know I did." 4) Aliens ate it. PS please excuse me tarting around making flippant comments. If I don't, the cat says my sanity is likely to take a holiday, and meow.
  8. Why shouldn't blondes get a coffee break? It takes too long to retrain them. Blonde jokes... jokes short enough for men to understand. What do you call it when a blonde dyes her hair brunette? Artificial Intelligence.
  9. I don't think you'll get a definitive answer. Each to their own, and the world is (generally) all the richer for it. I read a lot of fantasy, and love it! Others read Mills and Boon - dear god Noooooo! I suppose it depends on personal tolerance: a great story can easily be killed by inept writing. Also, a lot of writers aren't bothered - or don't know about, or have access to - an editor or beta readers. Maybe the writer of the story you're describing is one of them?
  10. Yowsa! Maybe you picked the wrong Macallan, Cole. Three fingers of this one would buy you a new car!
  11. Does it not depend on the size of the fingers?
  12. Beautifully written, Cole. Sincerely. Its reminiscent of Jeffrey Archer's short fiction - by which I mean it's really good. And such a sweet ending, too!
  13. Camy

    My Carona

    Excellent! But no cigar. Sorry James....
  14. I'm looking forward to the food fight in the quinoa salad bar atop the down-town skyscraper!
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