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  1. Right! Mastication practice over, so I'm all set... just waiting for the story to arrive and sweep me away to wondrous parts unknown.
  2. Is it a one bag of popcorn or a two bags of popcorn story?
  3. When the results of the 2020 election slowly came in I was flabbergasted that Trump got 75 million votes. I thought that after four years of 'THAT' he might get a few deranged lunes in his corner... but 75 million? I was astonished, as I was today watching his impeachment. That 197 Republicans voted against Trump's impeachment seems somewhat insane. After all, they were in the Capitol, under attack, presumably in fear for their lives, directly because of Trump. That 10 Republicans did the right thing and voted to impeach speaks volumes to their integrity. One wonders what the next
  4. So... tum-te-tum... how's it going? Watching from across the pond - CNN, CNBC, Stephen Colbert, Seth Myers, David Packman - it seems that there's still trouble at mill, and will be until noon on the 20th. But then what?
  5. This piece by Jonathan Pie is well worth a listen.
  6. It's perilous to underestimate the power of social media. Trump - now permanently banned from Twitter - had in excess of 88 million followers, all of whom have been drip fed false narratives and lies for the last four years. It's no wonder a few went off the reservation. Trump is also permanently banned from Facebook and Instagram, and Shopify (who he uses for online merchandise sales) have shut him down, too. He's lost all his access to the proletariat. W00T!
  7. My hat is doffed and my knee bent. Brilliant, James. Brilliant. NB I hope we make it, too.
  8. My Grandfather was a Morton. My Dad used to revel in telling the story of a party they all went to where my Grandmother, in a loud voice, said "You'll have to excuse my husband, he's a homosexual."
  9. Absolutely, Cole, and if you've already read it a re-read is well worth the time!
  10. Hurrah! AND! I re-found 'Falling of a Log.' !!!
  11. Yup, though I've found the splits quite problematic as the tendency is to end up in hospital.
  12. Wonderful, Cole. As always. But the title... not so sure. Baby Steps? Hmm. Here's Cab Calloway's suggestion:
  13. Yes, as philosophies go it's one I'd thoroughly recommend.
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