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  1. A very classy piece, Bruin. Odd, that I'm just about to watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix, which marries Benz's daft idea with the purity of electrickery. Wicked fast, they trundle.
  2. Oh, bear! That you managed to travel across the multiverse to tell us of our insanity is proof of your innate goodness. That you posted this excellent SFF flash in The Raccoon's Den, instead of Flash Fiction, is proof of your bearness. Love it! But do cross-post, please.
  3. Chapter 6 Best line ever: 'I think I have a hugging deficit.'
  4. Please thank Daniel for the meatloaf and pecan pie recipes, Cole. HOWEVER: - 1) Cups. Over here Cup size is what women buy bras in, not a unit of measurement for scrumptious baked goods. We use grams. There are cup to gram conversion charts, but apparently it depends on what you're measuring. What?! Why? Here's the best one I found: https://www.allrecipes.com/article/cup-to-gram-conversions/ 2) Pecan meats? I went blank thinking of pecans thundering over the plains alongside their friends, the bison. Nuts! 3) Karo syrup. Corn syrup is banned over here. Luckily, surprise surprise, Amazon have it! I'll have a go at the meatloaf, first, then build up to pecan pie. Yum. </thread hijack>
  5. I adore pecan pie. I can't say for certain, but George III (and those at the Boston tea party) would probably have adored pecan pie, too. 'No taxation repression without representation!' Daniel's dad has Robin's back! 🤞 PS I'm much looking forward to the recipe appendix.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-northamptonshire-53657504/jesus-army-founder-noel-stanton-preaching-about-sexual-sins Hands off, I say. I won't be giving my genitals to Jesus. Nope, shan't! The more I learn about the religion the more I'm happy to be an athesist!
  7. Camy

    God Bothered

    God Bothered by Camy I used to be God bothered. They'd come around every day. No matter what I was doing They would kneel on the stoop and pray. They'd hand me glossy pamphlets That spoke of God's great grace. I never told them to 'fuck off,' Especially to their face. Instead I'd wear a black cloak, Stick horns upon my head; Froth and wail, beat my breast And say I raised the dead. It worked for a while, life went on, Then a new lot came to town. Devil worshippers one and all; Sly grins and never a frown. Mistakenly, I opened the door With horns and cloak in place. "You're one of us!" They shrieked in delight, As I slammed the door in their face. So here I am self-isolating... Was it all a dream? Or was God and his fallen Angel Trying to make me SCREAM?!
  8. I don't know if any of you have seen Vicious, but if you haven't then you should. It ran for two seasons. This is Season 1 Episode 1. Enjoy! Vicious, aka Vicious Old Queens is a British sitcom shown on ITV. The series stars Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi as Freddie and Stuart, a gay couple who have been together for 48 years but endure a love/hate relationship. Cast: Ian McKellen as Freddie Thornhill Derek Jacobi as Stuart Bixby Frances de la Tour as Violet Crosby Iwan Rheon as Ash Weston Marcia Warren as Penelope Philip Voss as Mason
  9. Ah ha ha! A possible thread divergence approaches as 'Boy on a Plane' becomes 'Boy in a Kitchen.' Personally, I'm panting for Daniel's Pecan Pie recipe!
  10. I'm loving the genre mashup: great story and cookbook. It should be trademarked! 👍 Robin's mother is a real piece of work. 🤬 Now, I'm off to see if I have the ingredients for a meatloaf.
  11. Well. Well well well. Lost. That brings back memories. If you're really on the 'Lost' bandwagon - and as you've only made one post, I'm not sure - I won't say anything. Except... no! Can't... but? No. Have fun. 😜 Also, Husband? When did you get married? Tell me everything, all at once, immediately! Emu's have inquiring (not to mention sharp) beaks. Camy
  12. Major-General ellipsis...!
  13. We (the world) rely on the Covid-19 map from John Hopkins University. It is current and reliable. The hospitals give their data to the CDC, the CDC publishes the data set and with it (plus data from all over the world) John Hopkins produces their map. Until 7/16/20 when the Trump administration decreed that hospitals should send their data to 'Health & Human Services,' run by Alex Azar, at The White House. From there the data is distributed to the CDC, John Hopkins, and all. On the 7/16/20 the infection rate in Republican states started to flatten out.
  14. I'm up to chapter seven and it's very good... apart from the author's fondness for ellipsis.
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