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  1. Jordan™ - Rumpled Suit edition (pre-plugged into the mains).
  2. In the UK you sashay up to someone in a pub to score, in the US if you sashay up to anyone you get shot.
  3. I have cogitated, and, by using all my little grey cells, have concluded the picture is of Jordan: 'He’d combed his hair after washing it in the shower, so it was neater now. Still long, of course, but brushed and a little shiny. It’s rich brown color and matched his eyes.'
  4. Camy


    ...and you must never, ever, ever, nay-say a cat. That way danger lies! Cats, or as they're known in polite circles 'a delightful fur coat full of fish-hooks' are... gotta go. She's coming.
  5. Maybe that's how sucking toes became a thing? Not my bag, but each to their own. I'd like to apologise to Cole for hijacking this thread to talk about bed sizes. Chapter 2 should be here soon!
  6. ...especially if one, or both, had whiffy feet.
  7. Huh. Your twin bed is the same as our single. 'Twin' insinuates it's big enough for two... really? Unless Americans have got a lot smaller since I was last there, I can't see it. You'd end up with concussion from your bedfellow's elbow.
  8. It's been so long since Cole posted a new story I'd almost forgotten how addictively well he writes.... then there's the problem of waiting for chapter 2, 3, etc. Poot. Anyway, I have a question. As a bod who lives in the UK I'd like to ask what 'A narrow twin bed' is. Here, we have single beds, double beds and king size ones. I've never heard of a 'narrow twin.' And this is what you get with a double:
  9. In 2007 a 55 second video of two kids was posted on YouTube... It went viral, amassed 883,335,494 views and 2.3 million likes. Yesterday, tt was 'pulled down' so it could be sold as an NFT (non fungible token). It sold for $760,999. Here's the 'Charlie bit my finger' 10 year anniversary video:
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