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7 Things I Hate Today

Jason Rimbaud


7 Things I Hate Today!

I know hate is a strong word and should never be used lightly. But if there is anything that would justify a universal feeling of hate, I think the following list will suffice. So without further digressions, rants, or any other silly hijacking comments, I give you the seven things I hate for today.

Number 7: Every few days I receive an Email from ATT INTERNET service. They give me a list of reasons why I should switch my INTERNET service and they also offer discount prices. Today I read an email where, if I sign up for a year of service, I could get DSL access for $14.00 a month. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this part. I already have ATT Internet access, they sent me the fucking email at my ATT Email address that they fucking gave me when I signed my contract locking me in at a set price for a fucking year. Oh yeah, I fucking hate that.

Number 6: Old people coming to restaurants. I don't want to hear about the good old days when coffee was a nickel and you had unlimited refills. At my fucking restaurant, coffee is $4.00 a cup. And if you want another one, that will be another fucking $4.00 dollars. That's what by the cup means. Oh, and one more thing, it's never a good idea to order only one entr?e with the intention of "sharing because you don't really eat that much anymore". We all know it's bullshit, you're just cheap. And if you weren't cheap, then you would leave more than a ten percent tip. Remember, a server lives on tips, and if you stay sitting at that table for three hours because you and the old lady have no where else to go, then don't be surprised if you find something floating in your $4.00 cup of coffee.

Number 5: Anyone, and I mean any-fucking-one, who believes that a one-year-old is a welcomed addition to a night out at a restaurant who charges sixty-dollars a plate. And don't even think about asking why we don't serve a children's menu. If you have to bring your smelly offspring with you everywhere you go because you don't want to pay for a babysitter, then take your fucking family to Denny's. Don't bring your ill behaved monsters to a hip upscale restaurant, the servers don't want you there, and I can bet the couple sitting next to you trying to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary don't want you there either. So fucking stop it. If your kid doesn't have hair on it's "no-no-parts", then stay the fuck at home.

Number 4: People who arrive 5 minutes before a restaurant closes for the night, wearing smiles and exclaiming loudly that you're just so damn happy that you made it before we close. Why? Because you are the type of person that will order two waters, and share a single entr?e, that you will not eat for two hours because you're busy making-out in the booth in the corner. Not only are you keeping the server from going home, but you're making them wait for ten-percent of a thirty dollar check. And even if you add in an extra ten percent and give them six whole dollars, don't be surprised if they leave the money on the table. Because the idea of having to stay at work two hours after the restaurant is closed because you want to make out in the corner booth is not worth the six dollars. If you are the type of person that does this, then you are a bastard and I hate you. I fucking hate you.

Number 3: Commercials spouting anti-smoking propaganda. Let's face it, there is not a single person living on the planet in the year 2007 that doesn't know that smoking isn't the best idea. And I get it, you hate smoking. Get over it. Do we really need to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on really stupid commercials trying to stop people from smoking? Why don't we take that money and spend it on more important things, I don't know, how about universal health-care? How about offering classes on the long lost art of minding your own fucking business? I want to take that guy from that commercial and lock him in a room where hundreds of people blow cigarette smoke in his face for three days. Then, and only then, can he have a reason for making those stupid fucking Truth ads.

Number 2: Commercials heralding the latest advancement in prescription drugs. It started out harmless enough, remember Antonio Banderas as the cute little bee flying lazily about telling us too take this new pill for our nasal allergies. And I could even understand the ads dealing with sleeping disorders. But now every few minutes I see commercials advocating erectile dysfunction pills and anti-depression tablets with side affects that are decidedly worse then the aliment they claim to cure. Think about it, I've got this granite hard cock but I can't seem to stop my ass from leaking. Hmm, flaccid cock or shit spewing from my ass, I wonder what I would choose? And doctors need to stop inventing diseases to justify their new miracle pill. Who the fuck ever heard of restless leg syndrome? I didn't, I didn't know it was a syndrome. When my legs hurt when I was in bed, I got up and drank a glass of water. Problem fixed. But that's not good enough anymore, now we need a fucking pill. What the fuck, it seems like they have a pill for everything now-a-days.

Which leads me right into

Number 1: Commercials telling us NOT to do drugs. Well, it should be, commercials telling us not to do drugs that aren't controlled by the Federal Government. Have you seen these anti-pot ads? In one, a girl is sitting in the kitchen, go figure, eating, and the family dog comes in and sits on a kitchen stool and asks her to stop smoking pot. I wasn't even smoking pot when I saw that commercial and all it did was make me wonder if my dog would start talking to me if I smoked up. How fucking cool would that be? Can you imagine what the family pet would have to say?

I don't want to start bitching about those of you that are currently taking pills that are saving or prolonging your life, but I'm not sure if I want to take a handful of pills that actually have a higher risk of hurting me than helping. And what about those pills that after you take them, you fucking die. Is that side effect warning on the bottle?

Shouldn't we be wary of any drug that is invented for the sole purpose of generating money? If we are so advanced that we now have to start inventing diseases to cure, why are people still dying from cancer? Why can't we cure AIDS? And don't get me started why we have dozens of pills to get a boner but still can't come up with a better solution to fight the flu then by injecting flu in the form of shots. Hmm, I get a shot to ward off the flu, and the shot gives me the flu. That is a brilliant scheme if I ever heard of one.

For a society that spends so much money on anti-drug campaigns, we are quickly becoming perpetually medicated and all with the Federal Governments approval. And I don't care what anyone says, having a full-on-robot-chubby due to severe rigor mortis stemming from complications caused by my erectile dysfunction medication isn't really a miracle cure by any means. You have to be at least breathing to enjoy fucking. Though being dead is a viable alternative when faced with anal leakage. But of course, that's just me.

Jason R.


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Jason I sure hope I don't get on your hate list.As for customers in general. The poor things have to be pitied.They have all done exactly as they were told and taken their brains out and put them in a jar by the front door before leaving home. Nothing else would explain why they walk into a Video store and say, "Do you have videos?"Or my personal favourite, "I want a nice video."The temptation to tell them we only have nasty videos is very hard to avoid.Yes we need to bring back some form of education instead of the mindless dumbing down of the population. We could start by making AwesomeDude and Codey's World websites compulsory reading for everyone, assuming they have been taught to read of course. :ohmy: On drugs and doctors, I always tell the doctor that I have arrived for a CONSULTATION with him and that I will take his advice and then find a way to avoid following it by looking at the alternative treatments. The good doctors will respond with a surprisingly helpful attitude as they too are sick to death of the drones that look for a magic pill to cure everything. Of course I have run into one or two doctors who accused me of trying to tell them how to do their job, and that I am paying them to do that work, to which I reply that I am not something to be worked on but worked with, as it is my health they are supposed to be helping, not their bank account.So I get second opinions, mainly mine. My cardiac surgeon admittedly to me last consultation that I was doing a better job at managing my arrhythmic heartbeat than he could. Hooray for me.Also there are natural alternatives to Viagra and other much less dangerous herbs and supplements to keep one stiff before rigor mortis sets in. The Chinese doctors are experts in sex and always ask about your sex life because as one of them told me once, "If you're otherwise intact body isn't functioning sexually, you aren't healthy."But as with any health problems check with your qualified physician and then follow your own feeling in the matter. On TV, don't watch it, except for Boston Legal.If you do watch TV, record what you want to look at and then when you play the recording you can fast forward all those mindless advertisements and community announcements.Yes Jason hate is an all-consuming horrid tool of the forces from the dark side. Look for the bright side. the love and cheeriness so practised by my beloved bf, when children dribble ice cream all over the DVDs while screaming inanities at the top of their immature voices, in the video store. He goes over to their parents and let's them know that he thinks their little darlings "want to go home, now!"The only thing worse than anal leaking is anal vomit.By the way do you mind if I gasp for air whilst fucking? :wav: Great Blog Jason I really enjoyed it, but I am sorry you have to put with the unthinking rigors of the public Zombies. :lol::wav:

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Gosh, Jason. I was going to respond to each of your points in turn, but I've thought the better of it. I don't hate, but I carry about a healthy supply of "despise", and I'd suggest you do the same. Hate is much too personal, but despise is a 'fit all' type of thing.As you may know, I worked for years, decades even, in a post office. I've had some mindless stunners. "How much is a 50 cent stamp?" is probably the stupidest, although, "Do you sell stamps?" is a close second. I can almost forgive them for the second question, since they've gone to marketing just about anything stationary related, and even Christmas decorations.Without a doubt though, the worst comment by a customer that I've ever heard put me close to the hate position, but fortunately I was saved by the fact that it was not directed at me. A moronic goon waited in the checkout line-up at a drug store, right in front of me. He got to the clerk, who asked him if she could help him, as he wasn't carrying any purchase for payment. He said that he needed film for his camera, and could she please get him some. She asked him what film he needed, and he shouted, "You're the fucking clerk here, you tell me!" We all stood there, stunned in disbelief. Finally, she said, "I don't know what kind of camera you have, sir, so I can't know that." He turned away, muttering, "Stupid bitch." and left the store.As for children in a restaurant, my buddy, who also has Aspergers, has actually approached the mother of an unruly child and asked her if she'd like to borrow one of his socks to shut it up. The nearby patrons actually applauded.The whole drug thing is pathetic. The whole thing is a pharmaceutical plot. Those companies actually build medical training facilities and insist that anyone studying there to be a doctor must have a specific number of hours of training in pharmaceuticals, but that they are under no circumstances allowed to teach or even suggest that there exist any alternative medical methods.

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I'm usually one that disregards any form of Politically Correctness. But with warm regards for those of you that are older in years that read this blog, I shall give a definition of what I consider Old People.I believe that age is a frame of mind. And those of you that might be old in years but have kept the joys of youth, then I don't consider you old people. It's only those silver haired complainers that refuse to acknowledge that the current year is 2007 and not 1954 that usually get on my nerves. You know the type of blue hairs I mean, the ones that refuse to get a cell phone because 'in my day we didn't need a portable phone, if we wanted to talk to someone, we had to wait until after dinner to try and reach them on the puke green phone attached to the kitchen wall'. And don't even get me started on the INTERNET, if I hear one more wrinkled lady complaining about the magical INTERNET and how if it wasn't needed back in the good ole days then why should we need it today, I might just punch her in the face. By the way, I heard two ladies discussing these things a few days ago and I wanted to scream. I've watched the movies in the fifties and sixties, believe me, they weren't the good ole days. Any generation that embraced McCarthyism should never offer advice about anything nor should be allowed to have any say in the current decade.All that being said, dearest Des, you will never make the list. Sometimes I think you are younger than me. :ohmy: Jason R.

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Any generation that embraced McCarthyism should never offer advice about anything nor should be allowed to have any say in the current decade.
Careful there, young lad. A generation didn't embrace that, just a small segment of one country did that. You wouldn't want to be condemned in future years as one of that generation that embraced the GWB policies and actions, would you?
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Unfortunately Trab, GWB has ruled my country for almost eight years, we, as a country, has let him get away with almost anything. He has taken away our freedoms under the guise of security and has allowed the religious right a place in politics. I think at least a generation has already followed him. Remember, even if you are against GWB but remain silent, then you are an accomplice as well.Jason R(almost embarrassed to be an American)

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