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A Poem from my Youth

Jason Rimbaud


So I was going through some of my stuff and found several old notebooks that were filled with

my earliest writings. After laughing for over an hour, I realize that though I am no where near

a great writer, I am a million miles away from the geeky four-eyed boy that filled those notebooks

with high hopes of becoming the greatest writer the world has ever seen.

While most of the things I hope will never be seen by anyone, but I have decided to post a piece that brings

back great memories of my youth. So, here is something that might brighten up your day.

That Smokey Bar

By: Jason R.

Standing all alone in that smokey bar

The way you?re drinking you shouldn?t drive a car

I asked where you lived and you said it wasn?t far

So we left that smokey bar

You and I in my car

To your place that wasn?t far

We got to your door

You fell on the floor

You asked for a drink and I asked, ?More??

So I shut the door

Picked you up off the floor

And tried to stop you from drinking more

You walked upstairs with sex on your mind

I didn?t really want you and I to grind

You smiled and said I was in a bind

So I went with your mind

Decided to do the grind

And I awoke in a bind

You didn?t remember that smokey bar

You wondered where you left your car

I assured you it wasn?t far

So we went back to that bar

You and I in my car

And I was lucky it wasn?t far

Written April 5th, 1995

I hope you've enjoyed this horrible piece of poetry. Cheers until next we meet.

Jason R.

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I hope you've enjoyed this horrible piece of poetry
Ha! Self deprecation - that's playing in my sandbox :goofy: ... so I'll agree. It might not be a 'brilliant' piece of poetry, but as lyrics they work really well. And really what's the difference?
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