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Hey y?all. I hope that you all are doing well. I want to apologize for my last entry based on Ryan. I had to let out my anger, that's all. I don't really want to get into details of what was going on. Thank God, I am done with AP exams. Jeez, they were SO long. Good thing that I studied a lot, and I hope that I did really well on these exams. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Yesterday was Mother's Day. Even though my parents and I got off at the bad start, I still love my mom. I decided to call her and wish her Happy Mother's Day. Then, I went to the store to buy my mom's favorite flowers and I gave them to her when I visited her (Keep in your mind, I am still at my uncle and aunt's. I have decided to stay at their house for awhile, until everything is normal- it takes some time, so yeah). She was pretty happy about that. :shock: I hope that you had a great Mother's Day with your mothers! :stare:

It?s been a month since Saul and Quintin died. It is very hard, but I only think about the memories I?ve made with Saul instead of thinking about their deaths. If you met Saul in person, you would?ve known that he was a respectful, caring, funny and awesome dude. I still miss him a lot?More than before. It is never same without him, but I know that he is always with me forever. He was my great friend; he was there for me during ?Ryan? situation. Now, he?s not there anymore, but his spirit is alive. Let me share my memories about Saul and myself with you all. They are funny, wonderful and memorable.

1) My first time to meet Saul. It was during the study hall in sixth grade. We hit off immediately and made plans to hang out for the weekend. During the study hall, we didn?t do our works. Instead, we just fooled around and make jokes. We both got kicked off because we were noisy and distracted other kids. :hug:

2) Saul pulled a prank on Ty. It was so hilarious. Ty was so pissed about that. Lol. When I look back on this memory, I laughed so hard. This shows you that Saul was a funny guy who loved to make other people laugh.

3) Saul scared off the wrong person. In our freshman year in the fall, Saul, other friend and I was about to go to the other class, but in order to get there is to take a shortcut. Anyways, Saul thought that it would be funny to scare our friend, so Saul opened the door and let her to go in. Saul and I stand behind the door, waiting and hoping that she will realized that we weren?t with her and come back to look for us. As soon as Saul noticed the door was opening, he yelled that loud, ?BOO!? Guess what?! It wasn?t our friend Saul scared off?It was English teacher that he scared off! God, this was so funny?Saul?s and Mr. N?s reaction was so hilarious. If you was there, you could've laughed your @$$ off, like I did. Saul was so mortified and said embarrassingly, ?Uh?Sorry?Wrong person?Didn?t mean to scare you.? Then we ran inside.

4) Saul and I almost got arrested. Over the summer before our sophomore year, Saul and I were working at his uncle?s home. When it was our lunch break, his mom bought us Wendy?s. We decided to eat in the garage. We didn?t realize that the security alarm wasn?t off. When we heard the loud noise, we were like, ?WTF IS GOING ON?!? Then, out of nowhere, we heard the sirens and looked out to saw that it was police cars came on our way. Both of us were like panicking and ?OH F--K!? As the car stopped in front of the garage, the cop came out and yelled, ?FREEZE! YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!? If you saw our reaction?We NEARLY got a heart attack. What was funny is that Saul?s cousin was hiding in her room, thinking that there was a kidnapping. Saul?s uncle found out about this story and he laughed so hard. we both were kind of pissed at him because we almost got arrested. But, now, both of us look back and laughed so hard because it is funny now. :wub:

5) Saul?s and my first victory in the soccer championship game in our senior year. Both of us were so proud of how our team worked together to win the championship. I?ll never forget that Saul kicked the ball into the net, as the result, we got a goal, causing our team to win the championship before the game was over. He was so proud? I?ll never forget his face as he caused our team to win the game. Damn, I was so proud that my friend worked very hard to make our dream come true.

6) Saul and I were trying to do the skateboarding trick. Saul tried to skateboard over the small box, but ended up broke his arm. Ouch...painful. But as soon as his arm healed, he never gave up and tried to master the trick. When I look back on this memory, I see that Saul is not a 'give up' person, and he would always keep trying on. This taught me a lesson- I shouldn't give up and keep trying to achieve what I want.

7) Saul and I made a lot of stupid and funny jokes. They still cracked me up, no matter that he isn't here to laugh with me. I know that he is laughing up there, whenever he is thinking of the jokes we have made together.

Saul and Quintin, we all missed you very much. I'll bet that you two are proud of us working very hard to graduate. It sucks to graduate without you two, but I know for sure that you two are watching over us as we will graduate. Plus, your spirit will keep alive on, and is with us always. Saul, I still miss you so much. I am not saying good bye to you because I know for sure that I will see you later (Sorry if you all don't agree with me on this one, but I don't really care what your opinion is). Say hi to Quintin for me.

What do you think of Barack Obama? For me, I think he can be successful as the president. I am uncertain about Hillary Clinton. Due to the update on Clinton, it seems like that her chance of winning is going down. Do you think that she is a racist? I definitely wanted the troops out of Iraq because we CAN'T lose more people every single day. Think about how their families feel. I know a person very well and he is in Iraq now. I hope that everything is ok for him. He will come home soon, and I am hoping that he will get here safely, in one whole piece. I definitely don't want to find out that he is coming back here in his coffin.

God, when will nature disaster ends? Never, since it always happened every single year. There was an earthquake in China, causing a lot of deaths and injuries. Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, causing many people became homeless and caused a lot of deaths, also. Back in 2005, an earthquake killed and injured a lot of people in Kashmir (an area between Pakistan and India). Sometimes I wish that there never is nature disaster, but it's something that we can't control. But, it is something that we CAN PREPARE for our safety.


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