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Hey, wow been three weeks since the last time I updated. sorry for not updating?.I was busy with school and personal craps. Anyways, I was so pissed with Ty last week?Why, you all ask? I was minding my own business at my school, until one of my friends told me that Ty got into a fight. I was like, ?WTF?!? and went to the fight scene. I so totally can?t believe it. Ty was in a fight with Alex, Ryan?s brother. Any moron could?ve known to stay away from the problem that has to do something with Ryan or Alex. But not Ty. The security guard saw the fight and he came along with another guard to break up the fight. They hauled Ty and Alex into the assistant principal?s office. Well, the result is that Ty and Alex get suspended for one week because of fighting. I feel like that I really want to strangle or kill him. I can't believe that a smart person like Ty could have done a really stupid thing such as getting into a fight. My dad was so mad and blamed it on me. GOD, IT WASN?T MY FAULT!!!!!!!! JEEZ, my dad is such an @$$. Thank God that I?m not in the same house with him right now or otherwise, I would?ve gone crazy. One of my friends told me that he can see Alex?s point of view. I asked him what Alex?s point of view is. He said that Alex was just defending Ryan. Let me tell you what the fight is all about?It?s about me and Ryan. WHY DO THEY F?KING MAKE A BIG DEAL OUT OF THIS?! I forgave Ty for getting into a fight with Alex. But, also, I?m kinda glad that Ty is defending me, as well. Ok, at least, I?m getting over this fight and move on. The prom is coming up soon and I?m pretty excited. I have a date, and yes, it is Tara. But, it is still difficult without Saul and Quintin, but we are still trying to accept this fact. Ok, just wondering, which candidates do you think is smarter: Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton? I am not Republican or Democrat. I am just being me. That's all and it's no big deal. :)


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Well, it's a bit silly getting into a physical fight, particularly since security is around. Maybe a lesson in verbally cutting remarks, linguistic kung-fu, and barbed wit might be in order.I'm glad your plans for the prom are advancing nicely.

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