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The Month of May

Jason Rimbaud


Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted an entry.

Bad Jason.

A few things have been happening lately.

I got a job promotion. I'm now the Catering Manager as well as the Assistant Manager in my hip upscale restaurant. And since we made the list of the top one hundred restaurants in the Bay Area, the catering sales have doubled. But I love it, I'm rarely in the restaurant anymore and get to boss around everyone. How cool is that?

I'm single again. Mark is back firmly in the closet and in a way, I'm happy with that. I was going to write a long rant but I haven't the energy. Oh well, don't be sad, you all know I'll write a poem or two about it soon.

Oh yeah, since I'm his boss now, I get to order him around. How fucking cool is that?

My site should be up and running any day now over at the Hub and I'm pretty fucking stoked about it. So stoked that I'm almost finished a new five part story I started writing months ago when I stayed at the beach for three days. I think it might be called Time Stood still, but who fucking knows.

I bought a new 65 inch 1080P projection TV and a Bose surround sound with the winning from two days at Cache Creek Casino. I was unbeatable at the black jack tables and won several thousand dollars which I promptly spent. Along with the TV, I have a new mattress, a steam carpet cleaner for those pesky stains in my rugs, and a new TV stand for my new baby.

Thank god Wolfie likes the new digs, I was a bit worried as I didn't consult him.

I made an appointment to get another tattoo and can't wait till next Thursday. I'm thinking about getting "SLAVE" on my neck, but my boss pointed out that it would'nt be the right kind of advertising for my current sex life. *shrugs* He suggested slut instead. I don't know, it just doesn't have the same flow as "SLAVE".

I've decided to stop smoking, then I realized I'd rather die of cancer than of diabetes so promptly started again.

Got so drunk a few days ago, that I called Mark up and begged him to come over for a friendly fuck.

Needless to say, I had to wash my sheets again but was quite pleased that the new mattress lived up to my expectations.

Further realized that sex with Mark is much better when both parties are a bit indifferent and slightly pissed. Rough sex...I likes.

Well, that's about it from Jasonland. It's getting late and I have an early day tomorrow. Later



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Glad to hear you are okay.If it is any help, as a qualified cinema engineer, I could set up your Bose sound system and new projector for you whilst we make sure the new mattress is as good as you say.See if the tattoo guy can do two buttons on your neck.One button called "slave" the other called "master"underneath both buttons you could have a line "your choice"(I'm joking) :hug:

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And to add, I guess we could make your BF film it.Reason thousand and four to love your BF.Jason
The BF will make slaves of us both. (He wants the house cleaned up.)And no he wouldn't fim us, unless we were going to remake Bambi. (You can play Thumper if you like.) :hug:
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I've seriously been anxiously waiting for your site to be up for MONTHS. I'm glad it's finally gonna go up though :D.Congratulations on the promotion, the new toys, and the great sex. Not on the smoking, but you know yourself better than anyone, so I'll keep my teenage mouth shut :P.*wave*Maddy (:

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