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Change is Going to Come

Jason Rimbaud


So as of thirty minutes ago, for good or for ill, America voted in Senator Obama by a large resounding margin. Soundly defeating McCain in key Republican states, I think America has spoken clearly and loudly that we need change in America.

With such a majority, Republicans need to get behind the Presidential Elect and try to heal this country. I think McCain said it best in his concession speech that though they were opponents this morning, McCain will fall behind Obama and work with him to move this country forward.

Now more than ever, Washington needs to see this election as the people are pissed about the "old boy's club" ruling the nation and to start being a government for the people by the people.

Like I said, I don't know if America did the right thing tonight, I don't know if I did the right thing by voting for Obama, but apparently a majority of the country felt as I did.

Obama has a long hard road ahead and I hope he surrounds himself with the right people to give him the right kind of advice to restore the greatness of our nation.

All my best thoughts are directed to the man that will now decide my fate and that of my country for the next four years.


And it was of some doubt in my mind, but McCain's concession speech proved to me that he is a man of honor, patriotism, and has a great love for this country and if he follows through on his promise to get behind Obama, then he truly is a great American.


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Just by the act of Obama's election to the Presidency, the world should see that the American people are indeed capable of change. Jason, your statement is a testament to that willingness to change, whilst retaining respect for what most people have seen as an honourable man in John McCain.What we must never forget is that when people come along, offering to do good, it falls on us all, to give everyone of them the opportunity, as many times as is needed.I salute you. :shock:

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