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  1. Thanks for the address, Cole. I sent him an email asking if he's still doing editing work. I'll wait now to see if he responds
  2. Has anyone used Anthony Camacho for an editor? He's done some editing for me in the past, and he's very good; but I've lost contact with him. I believe he's professor in the UK/
  3. Once again Cole (rare, I know) I couldn't agree with you more, one of the most positive speeches along with Cory Bookers, that I've heard from the convention.
  4. I listened to Donald Trump tonight on his accempance speach, but I had to leave the room.. It reminder me so much of the propaganda speaches of the Nazi's of a bigone era. I'm sure you all can come with all the specifics of what he was saying, but I only think about his return to Lazie Fare of his btgone ara. The future of this country is the US being a part of this total ecconmic and political world. This is not his vision.
  5. Well, The New York Times just posted that Britian has voted to EXIT the EU. If I had any investments in Britian, especially the Poumd, I'd think about shifting to the Dollar.
  6. I talk to young people everyday and often ask them what they are reading or have read. The one book that I DON'T hear about is To Kill A Mockingbird. That book was released in 1949 (I think), and I had to read it in high school in the early '60's, and I'm reading it again now. I'm thinking that the subject of bigotry as seen through the eyes of young people isn't appealing anymore. But it is so well crafted.
  7. Hi all. This has been an experience, getting back to this group. You never seem to lose your humor, and something to smile about. Colin...you need to write more. That's all. Your audience just demands it. :)
  8. I think I’ve been turning into a recluse. But, I haven’t lost my optimism…yet. A lot has been happening, but where to begin? I guess from the beginning. This will be long. When the economy started to go down in 2008, my business (I'm a structural engineer to help keep their buildings from crashing down) started to slow. My clients were architects and builders. Their businesses went down and consequently, so did mine. I eventually pulled out of the business and went on Social Security, because I could make more than my business was bringing in. We muddled on for a while, and then two of our f
  9. Let's not forget Utah. That happened today too. However, that district court will also affect New Mexico, Colorado, and Oklahoma. But, their ruling was stayed with an hour. :(
  10. Hello to all of my friends and new friends here at AD. I've been MIA for too long, and I would like to get back to joining all of you again. I've left New Mexico and now live in Northwest Minnesota. Our foster boy came with us, and that was quite a shock to him. He's 16, born and raised in the southern deserts of New Mexico, and went through the coldest winter that this part of the country has experienced in over 100 years. It's green now, and he's feeling much better. We left New Mexico to be with my family as my father was terminally ill with cancer and moved into his 125 year old house. H
  11. I'm about to move to Michigan, maybe on September 1st. There is a case pending in the Michigan courts over a gay lesbian couple to adopt a child. The trial judge suggested (off handedly) that the reason that they couldn't adopt was the state's ban on gay marrage, so the plaintifs changed the suite to guestion the states ban on gay marrage. The trial judge said that he would rule after the US Supreme Court rulled on DOMA. After our move to Michigan, there will be a new marrage. :) and we can take our new foster boy there and adopt him. I have never been happier in my life. Richard
  12. This story struck a few chords with me, more than just a few. No one here knows this about me, but I too lost my first love to the war in Vietnam. We were on the same ship, and during liberty we spend as much time together as we could. We reveled in who we secretely were. I've walked the "Wall" in Washington, DC...and found his name. He wasn't buried in Arlington, he wasn't buried in anywhere that I can find. But, I will always remember him. Thank you Des for posting that article, Richard
  13. I too was curious, but in my brainiac logical mind I was able to ascertain the proper path to the story. :) The story itself is titled (at least what the author calls Season One, whatever that means), It Started On A Bus. Here's the link. http://stormfront.stormverse.com/2011/05/21/sf-1-01-it-started-in-a-bus/
  14. I agree with Colin that the use of cilantro in an squired taste. He must be half Mexican like I'm becoming. I've found the Mexican and Southwest foods a delight to the palate, but it truly is an acquired taste, only for the brave.
  15. I was languishing tonight after a ho-hum dinner, wondering what to do with my time. I loaded up my newest novel, but still had the block that I have been agonizing with over for the last 6 months. "Screw it." I said to myself and loaded up UTube to listen to some music. Maybe it would put me in the right mind to write. Damn, I loaded a concert of Carmina Burana, and was mesmerized. This was amazing. It must have included over 500 people in the choir and orchestra Here's it is. .
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