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I'm Hot



I'm Hot, but you all knew that didn't you?

We are sweltering in a heatwave here in Adelaide South Australia with 3 days (or is it 4) over 44C (111F).

We have had over 30 people suffer sudden deaths from the heat with more expected.

The politicians are to blame for the heat according to a section of the local community.

I don't think any of our politicians could get up enough energy to expel the

quantity of hot air that would be needed to raise the temperature to where it is at the moment.

Our pollies are just too lazy and incompetent to make things this hot deliberately,

that would take vision and they haven't shown any signs of that in years.

I am very hot, dudes, and I need to go have another cold shower. But then that is not a surprise

either, I have often been told to go take a cold shower, even in the middle of winter.

Oh and that is another thing, we are running out of water...and electricity.

They are doing rolling outages for the electricity and of course, according to the whingers,

that is the politician's fault too. As I said earlier, the politicians don't have much energy.

You will be pleased to know that the gas is working so I can cook the BF a nice hot meal when he gets home from work.

I'm hot. I said that didn't I? The air conditioner has broken down, blown up, reached the end of it serviceable life.

Damn thing only lasted 30 years. They don't make them like they used to.

At least the fridge is working, (when the electricity is supplied.) And I have all you real cool dudes to chat with on the forums.

I got to go have that cold shower. Hope their is enough water...

Anyone for hot times? :icon_rabbit:

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