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Happy New What



Have you ever noticed ho difficult it is to have a happy new year when the rest of the world seems to have gone stark raving mad?

Perhaps it is just me, perhaps I have caught some dreaded mental malady that makes me think the rest of the world is bonkers when it is really me that has gone psycho in January.

I can tell you I wasn't too happy about Uganda passing laws to execute homosexuals, and my straight friends weren't impressed that if straight people know a gay person, then they have to report them to the Ugandan authorities or face 7 years jail.

Meanwhile back in Adelaide the government has passed a bill forcing DVD stores who rent or sell R18+ (Restricted classification by the Australian Federal Government) to display the R rated movies in a separate area from all the other DVDs. Note: R18 movies are not porn as such, we have XXX rating for porn which means they are automatically banned and can't be sold or rented to the public in any states, except in Canberra, where the politicians live when Federal parliament is in session.

Then there is the delightful news that Ireland has passed a blasphemy law, which means if you blaspheme in Ireland you can be fined upto 25,000 Euros (approx. $35,000.)

I can't sleep and if I do sleep I keep dreaming about straight people being jailed because they know some gays.

Then I have a nightmare about gay penguins being executed in Uganda, or gay anything being executed anywhere, for that matter, just because they are gay. Haven't we suffered enough for these crackpot zealots thinking they can control nature? Let alone the hole Human Rights issue of being able to love whom you wish. (Consenting adults only please, and only in the designated R-rated section, no XXX stuff, thank you.)

I am not worried about Ireland so much, the Atheist Ireland group have published a list of 25 blasphemies in the hope of getting arrested. (They are Irish, and I love them for that.)

I woke up in sweat and almost screaming about the loss of human rights. Am I taking all this too personally, do you think?

After all I live in Australia and I'm not going to Ireland or Iran or Uganda. It's bad enough having to leave the house and do the weekly shopping. You only have to look at a little old lady and she screams "Help." Heaven help me if I look at her pet dog.

Well our politicians are making noises again, about a charter of human rights for Australia. The only trouble is they don't see freedom of religion, freedom of speech etc., as a Human Right. The federal Aussie politicians have however announced that from August they will filter the Internet for us. At the same time they have announced a fast cable broadband to be installed in 90% of Australian homes, presumably so we can all watch play school.

Then there is the local hospital, that needs to be replaced, rebuilt or if the other party gets elected in March they will build a new sports stadium instead and renovate the old hospital. The city of Adelaide council can't work out why the narrowing of the naturally wide city streets has stopped people from coming into the city. Or why the high rents means that no one wants to live in the city.

Still you don't want know all this local nonsense, why don't we all have a nice cup of coffee, and sit this year out.

Happy New Year 2011...Yeah, Right!


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