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  1. I would have recognized that last guy as you had I not received the telepathic instructions that it was.
  2. Tanuki Racoon

    Back online

    We used to have someone else here named Camy. Haven't seen him in ages. Is this a coincidence?
  3. "Every muscle in my body is revolting" -- perhaps you should pull down your trousers and massage it.
  4. Welcome back, stranger.
  5. I feel the need to comment. I'm just not quite sure what to say.
  6. Sorry for implying you're 120. That was a typo. 110 it is.
  7. First, congratulations. I'm proud of you. I wish I could meet you.Don't be so down on "Magna Cum Laude" after all it's got cum in it :)
  8. So you're like 120 years old by what I glean from this post.
  9. Orangutans do not have deep thoughts that don't involve bananas.
  10. Tanuki Racoon


    I shall invest. The Royal Bank of Raccoon is in.
  11. You are SO weird Des. Must be why I like you.
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