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Hello, to all who might come across this, im not entirely sure a to what i am doing on this site. I am a new member as the tile suggests, From the Scottish highlands. I really wanted to post to ask a simple question.

Q, is it me or is the site not being updated these days, i have read just about everything on the home page, and was used to new additions every wek o so, but recently it seem to have stalled?

If you have any idea what i am on about, or can tell me how to use the site in a better way then please get in touch, you an add me friend or emial me, or why not do both, i am always interested in making newonline friends, and am more than willing to enter into conversations, if you can handle my very very bad spelling.

Hope to hear from some of you soon,

All the best for now from Scotland



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Welcome, Glendog. The more the merrier, but there is one requirement you might have missed. All new members from Scotland have to donate a bottle of highland malt to all old members requesting same as the price of admission, and this is my formal notification of same. Yeah, don't I wish that were the case!Anyway. I'm not aware of any systemic glitches in story posting. If nothing new is going up, it's much more likely due to laziness on the part of the writers assembled here than on the part of His Dudeness, who seems to operate 24/7 without taking a pause to relax. This works well for us, and if it keeps him on the frazzled edge, well, the site was his idea, so he gets the blame.One obvious thing to suggest. You may have read everyting on the homepage of AD, but if you've read everything available, you've done an awfully good job of reading. Each author listed on the left side of the page has all his writing that is up on the site listed, and in many cases stories that do not show up elsewhere on the homepage can be found there. So, if you haven't done that, you might check that out as there is some very good writing on display there.Glad to have you with us!Cole

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There is new content fairly often. But things are slow with some authors (such as me). Not the fault of site management. Participate and eventually you'll get along.And welcome to our humble home.

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