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Cat Parole



I decided to board my cat during my Thank giving trip to Texas at the vet but I waited too late. My usual vet was full. I had to shop around to find him a space. He doesn't travel well and gets horrible gas when he's anxious. :icon11:

I was down to the wire and desperate. I begged my usual Vet for a referral list. Tuesday I went down the list. Animal Medical Center? No vacancy. Sullivan's Animal Hospital? No Vacancy. Cat Hospital? No vacancy.

OK it's closing in on 4:00 and I'm getting desperate. No way am I driving to Dallas with flatulent kitty. Two 80 year olds are enough of a challenge.

I arrive unceremoniously at the Bottom of the List: The Doggie Discipline Academy.

When I show up, I go inside with cat in carrier and am met by a gung-ho guy with short hair and entirely too much energy.

I say, "I'm going away for Thanksgiving and need to board my cat until Monday. Can you hook me up"

"Sir Yes Sir! We run $15 bucks a day."

I fork over the cash and the cat carrier and I'm off.

Monday Morning- 5 days later

I picked up Boo this morning. He was playing a harmonica. I'm not sure whether it is the dragon tattoo or his cold, hard stair that is most unnerving. It'll be quite a while before his tail is unpuffed.


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