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  1. I refuse to have one without dinner and a movie.
  2. Freethinker is awesome. It's a great one to start with.
  3. Freethiinker’s work is a cut above. Lot’s of stories you forget but Ft’s you won’t. The story craft and writing is top shelf but his settings and textures are addictive. He’s in the same league as Driver or Dewey and, that’s high praise coming from me.
  4. Phillip is 16 and new in town with his first job: working for the Y. With no friends and his Dad stuck in London (or was that Hong Kong or Singapore?), he resolves to make a few. One of the new fiends older brother Andy is known to be a real asshole and, he wants to have a talk to Phillip.
  5. Carbon Based!? By James Savik "They are carbon based." "Carbon based? How does that even work?" "It works for them." "That’s so weird." "Yeah they’re evolved for an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere, can only exist in a narrow band of temperatures, need water, the whole works." "That can’t possibly last. How stable is their star system?" "They lucked out there. Their sun is a G7 dwarf and their system has four gas giants in their outer solar system that deflect most comets and asteroids." "Where are they on the standard scale?" "It’s a fractured R7 class
  6. Starry Starry Night Starry Starry Night So cold and clear and bright and bold Tell me the secrets I long to know Shine away the darkness in my soul Wash away my fear in your radiant glow Starry Starry Night Take me from this frightful place Hold me in your timeless grace Wrap me in your radiant embrace Show me God's own face Starry Starry Night Please show me that I am wrong Believing love is only pain Remind me that I am yet strong Keep me sane despite the pain Starry Starry Night So much has passed me by Shadows and scars upon me lie
  7. Income. There's a weird tipping point in tax rates that makes it cheaper and easier to go ahead and pay up at lower rates than construct elaborate tax shelters. It's odd but whenever taxes are lowered, there's more revenue. Some favored tax shelters encumber money for many years and it only really pays to go that route at higher rates. One of my many consulting jobs was for a tax lawyer and I saw the lengths that people will go to legally avoid paying taxes. There are enough shelters and loop holes to drive a battleship through. You didn't really think congress has the country
  8. There's no such thing as altruism on that level. When the elites let go of money, it's either a tax break or a publicity stunt. People that have banked that kind of money don't throw it away. They'll hire accountants and tax lawyers and in the end, pay less than their secretary. There's a reason the tax code is something like forty-five bound volumes. If you are a plumber or electrician you can't afford the loopholes or the expertise to use them. I'm in favor of a flat tax. 10-12% no deductions. All the crooked loopholes go null and void and the null and void tax lawyers an
  9. Way back in January a lot of people I know said they hand the "crud". You know sinuses, cold like symptoms and feeling bad for a few days. My 92-year-old mother had it. We tested positive for corona antibodies. This bug is a lot like pulling the lever on a slot machine. Most of the time, nothing happens. Then, a poor unlucky sap pulls the lever, gets three lemons and gets zapped. A lot of people have had this thing and it just bounced. Made in China rubbish!
  10. LOL, but I got there first.
  11. My Carona Ooh my head and sinuses are a pain. When you gonna give me a break Carona? Ooh you make my nose run, my nose run. I’m coughing all the, all the time Carona Go away, you’re no damned fun. Screwing up sports and spring break Carona. Such a dirty germ. Going around Carona Infecting everybody My my my i yi woo. M M M My Carona Come a little closer, you’ll get it too. Close close enough to get some Carona. Where I got you is a mystery, How did you get to me? Always getting around, M M M My Carona M M M My Carona When you gonna go away, go away
  12. Sounds more a lot more like Arkansas.
  13. When the Pollen Drops on us in Dixie When the pollen drops on us in Dixie, And turns all our cars lime green, It's a time every year that brings a tear, And reminds us that it's finally spring!
  14. I really rather not let this thread go political. I'm pretty sure Trump doesn't have horns and, I'm damned sure the democrats don't have halos. Neither one is a scintillating choice.
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