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I have seen the fire

Destroying everything in it path

In its blazing wrath

I have seen the fire

Bringing terror as its might

As it consumes the night

I have seen the fire

Slaying friends and lovers

Strangers and brothers

I have seen the fire.

Out of control consumning souls

Hell on earth a mass funeral pyre

I have been burned by the fire

With scars that don't show

The loss it still burns and stings

Friends and lovers I can not replace

I am haunted by their familiar faces

ashes and memories that I hold dear

Are all thats left of those times and places

I have seen the fire and the funeral pyre

When I saw the lights go out on my generation

And horror and confusion gripped the nation

Consumed in a viral conflagration

I look to my right and look to my left

at the lonely, empty spaces

I walk where we walked and talk where we talked

in the lonely empty places

and wonder to my self why am I still here

the smoke it still stings my eyes

Someone must be left to remember

The year that innocence died.


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