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well...im back



Hey y'all,

I am back...My summer was so much fun as hell. I worked over the summer, as a sports camp counselor at the day camp. Adorable kids I've coached! :) You know, I really do love children...I can't wait one day that I will have kids (hopefully with Tara, lol). I spend a lot of times with Tara, and I love her so much that I couldn't imagine what I would do without her (I know that I've said this a lot of times). I know that this is too early to say, but she's the girl, and I believe, the ONLY girl, I ever wanted. Her personality and her looks, her outgoing/caring towards us and everything are so perfect to me. Whenever I see her, my heart is pounding so fast, and I would only stare through her eyes, thinking about times we've spend together. I love her kisses, because they are so nice and tender. I am so glad that I got so brave to ask her out for the first time. I can't believe that I was so nervous as hell to ask her out for the first date, and I was surprised as hell that she said yes. She told me that she fell in love with me for my personality and that I've always been there for my friends, especially Tara. I don't even care that I said "I love you so much" to Tara in front of people, I have a right to express my feeling to my girlfriend, don't I? :) Well, Tara and I are doing okay with our friends' death (Saul, Quintin, VJ, and others), but what really hits Tara so hard was that she lost one of her favorite teachers ever, so I've always been there for her and comfort her and listen to her to talk about her memories with her teacher. Wow, I'm amazed that we are together for more than a year (a year and 4 months) and we are still doing great. Looks like that we will be still together next year, since 2009 is almost ending. By the way, this weekend, I will go to Tara's college and see her. :) Then in two weeks, Tara will come up to see me. Hell, I am so crazy in love with her! It's hard to believe that by May 2010, it will be two years.

I'm back in college...hard to believe that I'm a sophomore...Two more years left to graduate! And, hopefully, that I'll be still with Tara, and I strongly believe that we will be together once we graduate and maybe we will spend our lives together, who knows. Anyways, I have a lot of works to do and my goal is to get all straight A's and be on Dean's List. But, also to have some fun! Tara always fit in with my friends, even though she's the only one who is deaf. FYI, she can hear with a cochlear implant (if you don't know what is cochlear implant, I would suggest you google it, because it's long to explain).

So, economy is getting bad now, and people are getting laid off. I just hope that the economy won't get much worse. If it is, then, I don't know how we will able to survive through it! One of my friends' mom is still looking for a job for past few months because she want to go back to work, after for a long time being a housewife. I hope that she will find a job.

Anyways, gotta run now to do my stupid homeworks, so hope to hear y'all soon! :)


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