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well...what can i do?




First of the all, wow, I have not updated in a month. I so seriously can't believe that I just finished my freshman year. My freshman year at college is so awesome and I have awesome memories. Now, I am at home. Boy, I am so glad to be back at home, sleep late and don't have to worry about papers, projects, homeworks, tests and finals. My finals went well and I nailed them all. I am glad to be back at home, being with Tara a lot. I am looking foward to Paul's visit from Chicago in few weeks and I know for sure that we will have sick times together.

By the way, I really wish that I can help this person who is still applying for a teaching job. I was reading about these personal stories on the website: http://www.avert.org/ygmt6.htm#stry13

I was reading a story that is written by Michael (not me, c'mon, Michael is the most common name, so just to let you know).

Here is his story:


I would like to start by introducing myself; my name is Michael. I am 23 years old and I live in a small New Jersey town in the shadows of New York City. I came out as being openly gay at the age of 15. At the time I considered this to be a great idea. I found myself at the center of controversy at every corner ever since. I was a very popular student and phenomenal athlete throughout grammar school and part of High School.

The moment I was open with myself about who I was and what I liked everything crashed between my friends and I. All the guys I used to hang out with all my life now decided to ostracize me. I knew all these boys for about ten years at that point we had went to Pre- Kindergarten together. They refused to play basketball with me. They refused to pass me the ball and allow me to be part of the team. Every day walking through the hallways of Bayonne High School I was called Faggot. I was beaten up a few times by groups of boys that were former friends. Every day became a struggle for me to remain in school. I was not doing very well in school I was barely passing my subjects. It became hard for me to thrive in an environment that I was fearful in.

Then one day I was running in the park to keep in shape and a group of older boys grabbed me pulled me into the park beat me up and took turns forcing intercourse on me. I was scared to say anything fearing for my life. I remember being told if I opened my mouth to anyone they would find me and hurt me even worse. When I returned to school the same group of boys were attending the same High School as I was. Every day they mocked and tormented me. I could not handle it anymore and I broke down and had a nervous breakdown concerned for my life. I had to go to the juvenile detective bureau and make a report about what had happened. I was hysterically crying recounting what had happened. The best the police told me was that they would investigate my claim and would most likely not be able to do anything because i came to them too late. Nothing was ever done and my attackers were never brought to justice.

The rest of my years in High School I spent in solitude. I had no friends in school or around my block. The irony of this is that we live about 7 miles outside New York City yet they behave like we are middle america right wing extremists. The faculty and administration of the school really did not bother to protect me. Had it been a racially motivated attack more would have been done on my behalf.

Lets fast forward to 3 years later senior year. It would have been easy for me to give up and just drop out of school. I fought every day to get the same right of an education as to so called normal heterosexual students. Every day up until my last day in that institution I heard the word Faggot. Towards the end it just did not matter anymore and I was actually able to laugh it off. I walked out of there with my head held up high and headed off to university. I was inspired to go into the teaching profession. I wanted to be able to make a difference and reach the student's like me that go unnoticed and are often forgot about. I graduated with honors from St. Peter's college. It seemed as if I was past the stage of discrimination for being me. I was shocked to know that it was just about to begin again.

During my student teaching practicum the same nonsense started up again. I was dealing with a homophobic faculty and administration running the school. They treated me like I was teaching 1st grade for some sick purpose. They would often shoot me dirty looks no matter where I was in the building. It is amazing how people stereotype homosexual males pedophiles. What they fail to realize is statistics are on my side most child predators are "Heterosexual males." Another "straight male" music teacher in the school started driving me home every day. During our drives he would make advances towards me. I had told him I was not comfortable with his advances. I told my cooperating teacher about it and she mentioned it to him to leave me alone.

A few days later I was called into the principals office. She proceeds to get into my face and confront me. She asks me "Do you have anything to say about anyone in this room?" I replied with a simple " No I do not have anything to say." She continues to yell and scream at me about making up stories on the man making advances on me. I get yelled at saying that she can call the cops n me for sexual harassment. At this point I really did not understand what was going on. Then she continues to discipline me in front of 4 teachers including this man. She told me that I am out of her building and that this will follow me where ever I go and she will ensure I never get a job. Here I am two years later still applying to get my job as a teacher. It is interesting how far they will let me get in the process. I can make it to the highly recommended hiring list. But then I am punished for being a feminine gay male.

I would never take back coming out and being me. I am proud to be me but I am angry I am being punished for what i can not help. I did not choose to be gay there wasn't a moment where I said I wanted to be the center of controversy for the rest of my life it just happened. But I know things may never change for me and I will continue to be passed up for my chance to teach. But i will always fight and keep reapplying until I do get in.

That is his story...I really want to find him and help him out with to find a teaching job. I don't know, but any suggestions or any advices? By the way, I live near New Jersey, and hopefully, if anyone who lives in NY or in NJ give me some suggestions how to help him. Anyways, it really fucking pisses me off that these people are really homophobic and the principal really fucking pisses me off that she yelled at him for no reason and he didn't really do anything. Additionally, what really threw me off was that the principal said to him that she will ensure that he will never get a job. I fucking need to find him and help him to get a job. You know, anything CAN be possible and I am hoping that you all can help me to help this guy. I do not know his email address or whatsoever. Let me know if you have anything that can help me out. Thanks! I really hope that he now has a teaching job. I am keeping my fingers crossed if anyone can find out about him. Well, let me know if you have any suggestionsn or advices to help me out. Thanks!

What are my plans for the summer? Chilling with friends, maybe to find a job to earn some cash, being with Tara, of course, going to the city (for you non-Long Islanders, the city I am talking about is New York City), going to beaches, parties and a lot more.

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I can only offer outrage at the treatment Michael received.What can you do? What can he do?I don't know other than to suggest seeking to contact a support group.

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