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Advance Warning of Word Cruelty.



It's still hot, so is the weather.

I am devoting my time to my new forthcoming story which I just know is not going to be everyone's cup of tea or coffee or soda. I suppose I could have included beer and wine, but would anyone read my stories while drunk? Would anyone read one of my stories while sober, is probably more to the point.

But hey, someone has to write this stuff, right?

I have long tried to avoid writing an "Aussie" story, being more interested in the universal subjects that affects our romantic lives, or ideas of living romantically.

Yet out of the Australian azure blue sky came a vision to allow me to explore, contemplate, attempt, both, and strike me lucky, perhaps even more.

Anyway you can all stop brushing up your Shakespeare and start you lessons in Aussie customs and our local cultures, which we try to treat with antibiotics and sterilisation.

You have plenty of time, as I suspect it will be a few weeks before I complete it and get it edited.

Of course, I might finish one of the other stories I am working on first. Isn't writing fun?



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Isn't writing fun?
No, it isn't. It's a damnably infuriating pastime. Stamp collecting! Now there's a real hobby. Or crochet, or decoupage. Writing ... nah.Reading's okay, and I can't wait for your new offering!
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So I am the only one who enjoys writing?I do find I get frustrated with all the real happenings that interfere with my writing, but the writing itself is challenging and rewarding. But I do wish it was a little easier and that I had paid more attention to the English teacher instead of studying my fellow students' groins. :hehe:

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I enjoy writing. At least, when I'm not actually writing, I enjoy writing. If you know what I mean. When I'm sat staring blankly at the screen I don't always enjoy it quite so much. In fact it can be agony. Certainly the way real life can get in the way and interrupt the writing process is a real bummer sometimes. And the way I start a new story and ten pages in I flounder and it gets put on the shelf for months, nagging at me from there, until I return to it and try to pick up the strands again. And somehow it's always more difficult completing it...

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