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Pin the Quotes (1)



I thought I would quote some of my replies I post to newspaper sites and blogs, and stuff.

Hopefully they will make sense without referencing the article, which I won't do because I do not mean this to be a reference report, just a place to list my comments that perhaps might have a general relevance to other communities or situations. A kind of pin the quote -tail, on the (blindfolded) asinine news of the day, and let it fall where it may in the readers' realm.

We are seeing demands from the reactionary elements of our community for retribution, rather than solving the problems caused by illiteracy, ignorance and deprivation. Traditionally, these areas have been the subject of Labor party reforms for social justice, but recently we have seen only an effort to justify mob rule for lynching, rather than sophisticated thought and compassion for criminals or victims. Just when did we vacate the Australian fair go for all?



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