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27 in, 3 to go



We're on day 27 and there are three days to go. Some of our group have already finished, but Bruin and I are both a little behind. That's not bottom talk by the way. My behind is splendid as it is.

We're supposed to be in the studio editing another video, but as it's snowing here I have an excellent excuse for writing instead. W00T say I!

I absolutely shouldn't be here waffling, but waffling seems far more pleasant than having to decide which of my characters - all of whom I like - should be offed and how nastily. I have a choice of two and ... <sniff>I want them out of danger and home eating crumpets and drinking tea. Oh well, needs must as the plot drives.

Back to it, I guess.

Ave, y'all.

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I've got a little behind on my work, as the butcher said after accidentally sitting on the meat slicer.Today is November 28th, we should already have written 45,000 words and should be writing another 1,667 today. And another 1,667 tomorrow and another 1,667 on Tuesday before collapsing, exhausted, but with a grin of contented achievement.In fact Camy is nearly 1,000 words behind schedule, and I'm 1,500 words behind. Neither of us is beyond the possibility of catching up, but both of us are going to have to work very hard to make it. I don't know about his schedule, but I had lots of time to catch up yesterday (and did catch up from my initial 5,000 word behind position) but don't have much free time for writing between now and midnight Tuesday. Aargh!So, back to work...

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