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At the University of South Florida, in the small gymnasium, on a platform draped with hand-woven rugs and supporting pots of burning incense, Shankar and Allarakha sat and began to play.

Lines of raga and percussion pierced me. After a few minutes, the music stopped; the crowd applauded wildly.

Shankar smiled toward Allarakha and said, “Thank you. If you liked the tuning so much, we hope you enjoy the concert.”

The tabla playing that evening was virtuous, and like lightning striking.

Try this, and be sure to wait for the tabla solo beginning in the middle of the video:


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Very cool, and the syllables running together explains something I'd heard in a non-Indian music context. Very interesting.

It's also neat in that they take syllable mnemonics in another and complex direction than the European do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do. Take it further, and you could express an entire syllabary back and forth in musical notes/phrases. Hmm.... Gonna have to think on that one.

Thanks for the great link, that was great to hear and see.

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