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  1. I guess some people on City Council don't understand the meaning of the word, "concert." Or perhaps the meaning of the words, "benefiting the local economy." Or perhaps they just don't like Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney? No, that last one's just about impossible. Also, Paul's a good English lad, local boy made good (okay, Liverpool, but still); and Bruce's a good American guy. Really, I'd think "concert" and "cash" trump "curfew." But then, I think the Boss and Paul rule, so maybe I'm partial. Come on, I was in high school when Alf dressed up as The Boss. I wore out a cassette of Born
  2. Well, considering that Luggie said he hadn't read what I'd written, and since Luggie's pretty much always a good lug, I kinda figured I should let it slide after my response. No real harm done. Thanks, guys.
  3. It was commentary, not trying to guess the plot. I have a few ideas where the plot's going, but mostly, I'm just along for the ride on that. I was trying to make some sense about what I liked in the story's approach.
  4. During the first few chapters of the story, I noticed how our hero, Troy, gets all worked up about his own feelings, and keeps writing these long, involved emails to Chase. Then he gets upset with Chase for not writing him back immediately with long, involved, deeply emotional emails (treatises!) back. Hmm.... Okay, that sounds strangely familiar somehow.... Unfortunately, Troy is so freaked out that it takes him ages to put himself in Chase's shoes and think that Chase is hurting too, only Chase may not be able to deal with it or express it like Troy does. Chase's personality is fundamentall
  5. I have some thoughts on Troy and his Dad and on Chase, how they're each dealing with depression, but I'd rather tackle the other first. Cole has done a really careful, sensitive job of portraying how Troy is trying to come to terms with his sexual feelings, his sexuality. Instead of massive angst or hiding things, he's initially decided he's gay and Chase is gay, and he's content with that. Then it would just be a matter of how that affects telling his dad or Chase's parents, or their friends. But instead, Cole's given us something not so simple. (If dealing with coming out could be called "s
  6. I'm up through the latest chapter. I'm not sure Troy could get away with all that in the porch scene, but it was sure a hoot to read. This chapter and the last were both really neat. Good for Chase and Troy. Good for Lindsey and Trevor. Though I think LIndsey is probably sorting through her feelings, and Trevor...I think is full of curiosity, everything's new to him. I liked the glimpse we had of Charlie, hoping we'll learn more what he's like too. Something's still up with Martinez, but aside from a bad attitude, I'm not quite prepared to say it's him. But yes, he's the one I suspect. I'm n
  7. "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary / How does your garden grow?" I may not be Mary, but then, my garden is not much of a garden either. After almost a solid week of on-again, off-again thunderstorms (and much-needed rain).... My tomato plants' last two green tomatoes didn't make it. I suspect squirrels, as there is no evidence of either tomato. The plants themselves? Some sort of damage, insect or fungus or a mix of sun and rain, too much for several stems of the vines. The rest? Very bedraggled. With no flowers that might put forth fruit... I gave up in disgust, pulled up the plants, and they wil
  8. Jonah has begun giving some advice and new posts on his YouTube channel recently. He's really jumping right in there, really new at it, and learning as he goes. The little foibles are funny and endearing, like most of us would be when we're trying something brand new. There are glimpses of that more together and self-assured, and strong-willed, guy in there. And he's brave and has a big heart, even if he thinks not. I get the idea he's going to be a powerhouse when he gets these things figured out. It shows already. A lot of respect there. It takes a lot to try something so big. He's come a lo
  9. Thanks. The Golden Rule and good examples probably do more good than much of the other stuff anyway. I have a feeling when you're older, you'll like what you see from your teen years. Teens have more potential and maturity and have it more together than a lot of people seem to give them credit for.
  10. Two admissions: That was intentional. My senior high school and college years were the 80's. I had an off-brand Member's Only jacket, blue-grey...finally had to give up on it a few yeas ago. "Totally Tubular" or any other "Valley Girl" thing, yeah, that made the rounds at school. We all had fun kidding around. But I'm from Houston, the Gulf Coast. Now, I never got into surfing (bummer) but it's almost impossible to grow up here without sun and shorts, hanging out at the pool, and going to Galveston or Padre some. So you do sort of absorb some of it by osmosis. I didn't get as much of that a
  11. One translation also talks about removing the "beam" (like a 2x4 or split plank) or some sort of log or board, out of someone's eye. Um, no. The real translation was a speck or splinter, not a whole 2x4. But some people jump up and down and froth at the mouth over things like that about their "literal" translations. It doesn't occur to most folks like that that those "literal" wordings have to rely on translations, and then the person is supposed to think about it and interpret it, to study and discuss it with others, which, by the way, is what the Jews and early Christians did. I know what E
  12. I've been up all night writing, and what to my wondering ears do I hear? The Batman theme. Holy codpiece, Batman!
  13. blue

    Oh Kirk...

    "Non-Cognitive Elite" sounds so much better than "bubble-headed bleach blond," don't you think? (Eagles or Don Henley song reference.) I still think ol' Kirk was severely turned off by all those guys drooling for him back in the day. Never mind that it wasn't just older men, it was also guys my age, right around Kirk's age, older and younger. Yes, I may have been questioning and conflicted and in the closet, but that didn't stop me noticing a good-looking guy. (Ahem, cute and/or hot boy.) Never mind too that other male teen idols from then didn't get all freaked out over "gay cooties" and bri
  14. I'm barely into this story so far. (Barely? What did I just say?) I'm sitting here laughing my butt off like an idiot. (Well, y'know....) Paused Awe, Dude Radio to listen to the "soundtrack" and I'm loving this story so far. I lost it with the pink slip, Daddy, and the confusion over surfing. Noticed the guy's name is Brian too. This is brilliant. Oh shoot, I'd better figure out where I was in the story, the music's still going. Oh, and the idea of a soundtrack of tunes? Freaking fantastic. (But it might need an occasional sound effect if someone's "changing channels" on the radio.) It's
  15. I've been listening to AwesomeDude Radio. After Kansas' bittersweet "Dust in the Wind," there was something I haven't heard in ages: by SOS, "Baby, You Can Do It (Do It Right)." Pretty funky soul, dudes. I hunted it up. I can see I'm gonna have to watch my song budget. I'd like to suggest Kansas' "Cheyenne Anthem" too. The image of the horses running gets me. I like the Byrds' "Turn, Turn, Turn" too, even if the author of Ecclesiastes was one seriously depressed royal dude.
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