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  1. I just now saw this, I'm sorry. What would I really know about a young guy like him? I had a very loving family, in nearly every way. The only big issues, I've come to realize, had to do with over-protection and the lack of almost anything regarding sex and nudity, homosexuality even more so. But in nearly every other way, I had good parents and grandparents, a good "church family," and so on. (But that over-protectiveness combined with my handicap meant I grew up with very few friends outside of classes at school.) So I can't claim to really quite understand where a boy like him is coming f
  2. Blue actually read this and is actually going to post a reply. Actually! Long, ambling posts? I can't object, ppl would throw too much popcorn. The internet didn't exist in my teens, including college age. I was too embarrassed and timid (and feeling too guilty) (or not desperate enough) to check some of the more directly informative areas or publications, shall we say. What I knew, I got from hearing guys and girls talk, TV, the library, and the bookstore. Oh yeah, and what little actual experience I had, which mostly included not getting as experienced as I would've liked. This, despite be
  3. blue

    Ad Nauseam

    Dang, I hadn't made the connection with the poster. I'd wondered about your avatar, since it looked like a photo manipulation or other graphic arts work. The full poster -- that's good stuff. Personally, I don't think everything has to be perfect technique, even if yes, I'm a perfectionist too. It gets a message across in a striking way, and that is the whole idea behind propaganda and ad/mktg, you want them to remember what you were saying and what the product, service, idea, or person is. IMHO, the upturned face does that to a T. (Heh, transgendered T? Wasn't trying for a pun, honest.) I'
  4. blue


    That...was truly inspired! "Transitive properties...wood pulp...then stop biting people!" Hahahaha! Oh, man, that is so classic! Hahahaha! I would love to see that in a story!
  5. Very thought-provoking article, Des. A couple of the comments struck me. One lesbian wanted a vulva instead of a phallus. No argument there. The "gaia / earth mother" folks would be in favor, as would several prehistoric sculptors. Another commenter tried to claim the Bible was not a religion and that there wasn't the word, "homosexual," back then and that people "didn't do it." Uhhhhh.... That commenter really needs someone to explain a great many things. Must've slept through history class and Sunday School.... Gotta think some on the article. Thanks, Des, very nice food for thought.
  6. Apple's ppl are trained for customer service and work at it. Probably put it to Steve Jobs' salesmanship flair. Their ppl also tend to be smart, and I'm told both Apple and Microsoft have very forward-thinking policies towards LGBT employees. But they are often friendly. The difference between an Apple Store and Worst Buy is day and night. My last visit to an Apple Store, a *very* counter-culture young guy (funky hair and beard, very nice looking) helped me. I may still have his card. While there, a more conventional black guy also asked if I needed help. So...It could just be they were eag
  7. In a valiant attempt to revive an old thread and get it back on topic, here's a little reference with a few in-jokes that I've updated and re-posted: Common Grammar Problems The in-jokes will probably only make sense to the in-jokers....
  8. blue

    More Poets

    Camy, your poem's great. -- Also liked the quote from William Carlos Williams a lot. "Penile green." -- I'll be attempting to grow vegetables this year. I shall be on the voyeuristic lookout for flowers' exhibitionism and subtle fornications.... Uh.... Golly, and to think, if humans let it all hang out like that, even if it's good looking, they get frowned upon. Well, at least by the ones not so interested.... I think my libido's distracted. The poem really was not focused there. :shrugs:
  9. blue

    More Poets

    My "poetry" nearly always comes out as freeform modern stuff, instead of the lyrical rhyme and meter I wish I could get. Rarely, something will start with any traditional lyrical or poetic form. I like wordplay, though. I like poetry, but I'm not as much an afficionado as I should be. Lately, the past two months, I keep finding myself doing alliterations without conscious intent. That's odd. I'll write or say or think something, and find I'm put three or four words or more into alliteration without planning it. Odd. I'm not sure what's doing it. I don't mind it, though, because it at least s
  10. I'm a science fiction fan, but I led a very sheltered life. I have never (yet) been to a theatre screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show to get the full effect. I'm told I should bring a raincoat. I believe this involves liquid, probably during the finale. I have, however, been to a few scifi conventions, and they have been mostly great fun. -- Friends at a couple of forums would get a huge thrill out of seeing your picture in costume, above. -- I missed out on recording myself for inclusion in a Time Warp video, but there's hope for future videos. -- Des, that photo is awesome! It's been
  11. I still believe, I think, but I have some major questions for the "big guy" and I'm not too shy about asking or complaining when I pray. Yes, I have doubts. Yes, my life has had some major **** in it. Yes, there's plenty of evidence of bad people doing bad things, of random events doing bad things, and occasional evidence of very good people doing very good things just because, or of good stuff happening for no particularly apparent reason. That, and there have been a couple of "inexplicable occurrences" that, well, I can't explain logically, rationally (duh) and so I don't know. I would like
  12. blue


    I could write a lot on the subject of crying. My other posts do cover it, but obliquely. As a kid, I hated getting teased and being so sensitive about it all. I developed a shell, a brick wall, a suit of armor. I still showed my emotions. But some things, I didn't show to anyone else publicly. A lot of letting out anger, fear, sadness alone, in private,with no one else there. Crying can be OK in private, as can fear or anger, but crying in particular...I think we *need* to be able to cry around someone else, who will be there for us, or hold us, or comfort us in other ways. I am grateful that
  13. Left or right cheek? It has been, well, many years now, since I sat back, twice, and told people I didn't care if two different friends were gay or not, they were still my friends and could do what they liked. I am still very proud of those two cases. (And I miss both friends.) It was about a year or two after, when a boy in one of my classes accused me, loudly in front of the teacher and the class, of being "a fag!" I denied it. (I was in denial, I was questioning, and I hadn't quite figured out if those feelings for certain boys were...what they were.) I nearly came up out of my seat at t
  14. I recently have seen, "we have the capability to...". The writer/speaker was trying to increase word count, or just not thinking of, "we're able to..." or better yet, "we can...". Do be sure that when you write that you formerly did something, you write it as, "used to (something)" instead of "use to," or your editor will have to chase you with a wet noodle...probably because they no longer make bottles of liquid paper / white out. Churchill was also known for writing, "this is the sort of thing, up with which I will not put," regarding an editor's change for certain uses of a verb and prepo
  15. blue


    It's been over a month now since my grandmother died. This past weekend was the 11th anniversary of my dad's death. I had a really close relationship with my family. That's no matter what I say about being gay, my feelings about that. The past few weeks, after doing a lot of immediately necessary things, I then sort of retreated into my shell. I know I can't really do that. My house is a mess. And by mess I mean something beyond pigsty. Pigs would be offended. My grandmother's house is still to get taken care of. It is neat and tidy, though. There's much to do. I've been alternately worried
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