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  1. You guys cannot believe what Cole goes through with every gem that leaves his pen! He frets, needlessly, with each chapter and edit. Paco and I never saw the censored version, and my younger brothers would probably put finger to mouth at any attempt to hand them such. But, we understand the reasoning behind Colin's site. Thanks again, Cole, for a wonderful story that inspired several good cuddles while Paco listened and I read. Paul
  2. Thank you for that last bit, Pecman. Too many writers shy away from teens and sex in their stories, I believe to appear more PC, or maybe from fear of being thought pedophiles. But, just to be honest, we teens think about sex, and/or do it, about 80% of our lives... got to have time to eat. To completely cut that part of us out is to lose the flavor of our beings. Oh, I am not promoting pornography, well maybe a little, but more to include all parts of the teenaged animal. Besides, I seldom even use four-lettered words in my everyday speech... much less write them. The writing about such things without being graphic, that really shows talent.
  3. Hmm, I like a good snicker as well as the next guy. So, next time we have a category 4 or 5 hurricane down here, Mississippi way, with 180-200 mph winds and over a foot of rain in an hour, I invite you northern boys to drive down here and experience some real weather. Yep, we shut down the state for a couple of days. It was better than losing a whole bunch of people on the roads, or in the ditches. What pissed me off more than anything, though, was when I did get to return to school today, the college had not cleared the handicapped ramps and I missed my one and only class after the 1pm opening. So... I scooted over to the college president's office and sat outside the door and bitched to everyone coming and going about the oversight till the campus security showed up and said I would have to leave. Maybe I should send them a bill for the lost class I paid for.
  4. And here I liked that part! Excising whole sentences and paragraphs because you are second guessing yourself, or what you think your readers might not be able to comprehend... is that truly worth losing the flavor of a piece? I hear a lot of the authors saying if it is fluff and not really needed, leave it out. Sometimes you can over simplify a story and it no longer resembles your style any longer. Just my two cents.
  5. All I can really say is Wow! These administrators are trying to extract money from 5th graders? Shame! Those lunch payment accounts should be setup to be paid by their parents, and the deficits dealt with, only with them! By their own admission they said the bills were allowed to go up-paid for a week, so they must have extra food supplies on hand. As for wasting the food that was served... why did they serve it, then take it back? Why did they not let the kids eat... then advise them to have their parents call the school before serving them again? No wasted food. Idiots.
  6. Regrettably guys, just because you pass a law now to legalize pot, does not mean those already in prison for breaking the previous "on-the-books" laws will be set free. Talk about a bitch, knowing you could light up legally as soon as you step out of your 25 year sentence for buying a baggie.
  7. Paul_and_Paco


    Funny thing, I have been teased on numerous occasions for my use of commas. I guess there can be too many, huh?
  8. I have a friend in Zimbabwe who fears for his life, also. I wonder why the peoples in the majority of the African Continent cannot find it reasonable to live and let live. Not to mention, they all seem to blame economics, or "being sick". The fact that a majority of these people are Christians and Muslims... very conservative Christians I might add, makes me very wary of our own conservative religious groups. When will they find God?
  9. Thank you all for the kind comments. For those that want something longer, I am working on something for after the New Year, but Abner is, alas, only for short stories. Maybe a collection.
  10. Pecman... That is "Duh". The whole point is it is not a professional production. This is a series made by kids. As for "reasonably good", I think you have been in Hollyweird too long.
  11. A sugardoodle is a typical brainless girl, or formerly referred to as a Valley Girl... but, more often found in trailer parks or giggling in highschool classrooms.
  12. At first I was not sure where to put this, as at first I wanted to defend something I said in another post in News & Views, but then really got into the material of this post. This example, I am sure, is an exception to the rule... and, what an exception he is! Alec J. Fischer, close to my contemporary, hosts a webshow called Alec In Wilderland. Alec is a boy after my own heart, not only because he is quite beautiful, but he invests himself into a creation that not only entertains, but is very informative. Alec In Wilderland is not a million dollar production on the Discovery Channel, or supported by PBS NET supporters like the Ford Foundation, Knight Foundation, or The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Nope, this series of almost thirteen episodes costs less than $10k per episode, and is produced by Alec and family for web content. Alec In Wilderland, available on YouTube, takes Alec, the "average" kid, out of his bedroom in front of his xbox into the fresh air, all over the USA and literally all over the world. He explores in a way only boys can. You can check him out at http://www.alecinwilderland.com/ or http://www.youtube.com/user/Collabovies/videos This boy just inspires the imagination!
  13. OK, bad movie reference.... Still, if you have a few minutes of down bored time, flip over to the Main Page of Awesomedude and check out Cole's newest short story, They Came With Guns. Cole does it again packing his story with excitement reminiscent of one of those old Saturday morning movies shown over and over, because they are classics. Believe me, They Came With Guns will hold your attention straight through! I give this one an A+
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