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February celebrations



Just a reminder of important February celebrations:

Entire month: Pull your sofa off the wall month

2/7: Wave all your fingers at your neighbor day (not just the one you commonly use)

2/9: Read in the bathtub day

2/11: Don't cry over spilled milk day (requires spilling milk)

2/18: Thumb appreciation day (I think in the UK it's opposable thumb appreciation day)

2/23: Curling is cool day

2/28: Public sleeping day

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In the U.K. the 18th is sucking your thumb appreciation day - a panacea for those of us not limber enough to suck what we really want to. ;)

23rd. What is this curling of which you write? A synonym for spooning? We like Spooning: especially with tea spoons, which make it all the harder. Those that use table spoons are wusses, and ladles are cheating.

Finally, sad to say, your dates are all wrong. The day comes first, then the month and then the year. It's obvious. And as English originated in England, compulsory. Standing in the corner for an hour is the official punishment for those who mis-date.

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