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Holy Wars and Equality



I was reading about some of the horrors that are happening around the world...always a lovely way to pass the hours :rolleyes: ...when it occurred to me that the religious right and their conservative cohorts are not all that friendly to LGBTQ people. :omg: But it doesn't stop with them. Various regimes are imposing anti-gay legislation in many different forms, all around the world.

The familiar suspects, who deny the rights of LGBTQ people, can be thought of as waging a war against more than LGBTQ people. They are in fact waging a war on reason, and their arsenal is full of weapons of mass hysteria; fear, ignorance, oppression and hypocrisy, which, when accompanied, as it usually is, with myth and superstition, all in the cause of greed, avarice and dominance over all who resist, makes it, in my opinion, nothing less than a Holy War, complete with human sacrifices.

So my wrath against organised religion raised its hand, and wrote an article.



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That's a powerful column, Des. What religious leadership seems to have in common around the world and throughout history is the fear that we will think for ourselves, and they are bent on achieving the means to prevent that, regardless of the consequence to our humanity.

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