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Well, Des, if you wanted a distressed hornets' nest, I think you got one. I read the comments following you piece, and somehow I think many who read it missed the point.

I must say that phallic symbolism is present in many Asian traditions where it represents one phase of the life force, including libido, arising from an unconscious, motiveless ground. If your point is that making love in all its forms should supplant the encrustations of organized religion, then we will have to move to a point where we trust our natures, a point to which it seems difficult to travel given our profound cultural distrust of that nature.

The fine story, in which the father may represent any too long existing prejudice, is sweet.

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Yes, the comments seem to miss the point of the tongue in cheek story which dates from pre-Delian times. But the motivation of my article was to stir the incessant religious obstructionism to human understanding of our existence as sentient beings, without the superstition.

The small number of detracting comments is offset by the sheer numbers of 'likes' on Facebook.

The culture versus human nature subject is of some complexity, which I must leave for the moment, except to agree that our present cultures do not reflect our innate goodness. And even that statement is debatable for some.

I'm glad you like the story. Thank you.

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Very thought-provoking article, Des.

A couple of the comments struck me.

One lesbian wanted a vulva instead of a phallus. No argument there. The "gaia / earth mother" folks would be in favor, as would several prehistoric sculptors.

Another commenter tried to claim the Bible was not a religion and that there wasn't the word, "homosexual," back then and that people "didn't do it." Uhhhhh.... That commenter really needs someone to explain a great many things. Must've slept through history class and Sunday School....

Gotta think some on the article. Thanks, Des, very nice food for thought.

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Thanks Ben,

I never comment on the comments at LGBTQ Nation.

It is not a discussion forum like here at AD.

Privately I am aghast, amused and sometimes elated by the comments.

Still it is not for me to judge them.

The story has its origins in male folk lore dating back to pre- Delian times and as for the lesbian wanting a vulva, I know nothing of such things. However the giant stone phallus in the temple was pointing at the sky through a very ornate opening. Maybe there's a clue there.

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