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Were you in the Stonewall riot?



So, after a hard drive crash on Wednesday, I was in the PDX Apple Store to get another drive installed in my MacBook. The genius at the Genius Bar took the little gem to the surgical suite and began the surgery. I waited close to the Bar near a wall. I put my laptop bag on the floor at my feet and looked at some accessories on the wall. Within three minutes, a very delightful and very gay (at least according to my bidar) young man in a blue Apple Store shirt walked over, smiling, and asked if I needed anything. I said, "No thank you, I'm just waiting for a drive installation." Nice customer service I thought.

Over the next seven minutes four more very nice young men, all of whom I assessed as gay, walked over one at a time to and to ask if they could help me. I'm trying to figure out why I warrant this attention from this group of guys. I mean I think I give off the vibe of a straight ex-cop. Then I remember that on my computer bag handle I've placed a luggage tag from HRC with the blue and yellow equal sign. I put it there mostly to piss off any homophobic cops and firefighters I see in the course of training them.

Oh well. These solicitous young men were only interested in caring for what they thought was an elderly queen. I'm surprised that one of them didn't ask what I was doing during the riot. At least, that's the explanation I invented.


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I have an old G5 that runs my studio. Sadly, because it's PPC and not Intel, I can't update the OS anymore (past Leopard), and can't use the latest browsers, and can't... bloody built in obsolescence should be banned by law. I mean to say, blimey! Umm... oh yes. Needless to say I don't spend a lot of time having cute blue shirted Apple techs fixing my kit. So, what's it like then, really? ;)

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Apple's ppl are trained for customer service and work at it. Probably put it to Steve Jobs' salesmanship flair. Their ppl also tend to be smart, and I'm told both Apple and Microsoft have very forward-thinking policies towards LGBT employees.

But they are often friendly. The difference between an Apple Store and Worst Buy is day and night.

My last visit to an Apple Store, a *very* counter-culture young guy (funky hair and beard, very nice looking) helped me. I may still have his card. While there, a more conventional black guy also asked if I needed help.

So...It could just be they were eager to help, eager for a sale...but sure, they might be gay and friendly.

My gaydar tends to default to "I think he's straight" or "I don't know" more often than "hey, I think he's gay." Yes, my gaydar needs a tuneup.

So yeah, uh, I dunno if the nice counter-culture young dude was gay, straight, bi, or diagonal....

Siiiigh. -- But my next computer will likely be a Mac. Hoping that won't be for another couple of years, though. I didn't jump on the newest iPhone and iPad this year. Maybe next year for the iPhone, dunno about the iPad. Really, I'm expecting the iOS and MacOS to merge soon. I'm already seeing what I think are signs of that.

Uh, but to the point of the blog post -- Yay for those nice gay guys at the Apple Store!

Stonewall, no; I'm 46.

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Ben, you are well and truly a young'un. You are right about the OS. Mountain Lion will move the two operating systems a bit closer. I find the ambience at Apple Stores distressing because I dislike feeling like a pinball that can't negotiate the store in a straight line of more than three feet. Too many people for my limited social skills.

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At my advancing years, I wear a Tibetan rainbow coloured head thingie in winter, and all the cute guys run in the opposite direction. But it sure attracts the straight guys who want to let me know that I have a gay hat on my head as if I didn't know. How helpful they are.

It's sure fun watching them go red when I tell that I wear the rainbow hat because I am gay.

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