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Ad Nauseam



blog-0057805001341006077.jpgQuote from a previous blog about my avatar pic:

My avatar pic was an assignment that required us to modify propaganda while still maintining the message current. I based mine off a satire of Sheppard Fairey's (sp?) HOPE image... for which he was apparently sued. I've always felt a strong connection to the trans community-- not because I am trans (I'm not trans nor do I feel a need to change my gender), but because of something else that is hard to explain. I guess I've always admired the fight and spirit behind every transgendered person, their generosity and their outlook on life. The actual work was a bit of a fiasco, both technically and concept-wise. I still enjoy looking at it every now and then though. I'll post it when I find it ^_^.

The experience of unveiling this for critique was a little unsettling. I didn't expect people to have much of an opinion on the subject, since nobody in class was transgendered or queer as far as I knew. And I had no idea if the propaganda and my own beliefs would be confused as the same. Anyway there it is. Technically mediocre, but fun to make nonetheless. I can't remember the exact dimension. Something like... 18x12in? Hmmm.


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I like it as an image, and though I'd seen the Shepard Fairey Obama Hope poster (who on the planet hasn't?) I didn't connect them. Cropped tight the image would make a great album cover, too.

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I like it as an image, and though I'd seen the Shepard Fairey Obama Hope poster (who on the planet hasn't?) I didn't connect them. Cropped tight the image would make a great album cover, too.

There's a 'response' to the HOPE poster. Google "Obama SNOB poster". Were I a singer I would definitely use this as an album cover!

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Yeah, now I see it. I still like that you added the earring, the hair, and bled it out to crimson. It's a good manipulation of a public meme.

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Dang, I hadn't made the connection with the poster.

I'd wondered about your avatar, since it looked like a photo manipulation or other graphic arts work.

The full poster -- that's good stuff. Personally, I don't think everything has to be perfect technique, even if yes, I'm a perfectionist too. It gets a message across in a striking way, and that is the whole idea behind propaganda and ad/mktg, you want them to remember what you were saying and what the product, service, idea, or person is. IMHO, the upturned face does that to a T. (Heh, transgendered T? Wasn't trying for a pun, honest.)

I've known one person online who is trans, before, during, and after. But other than that, I don't know much about trans folks. Myself, uh, evidently I like male parts so much that that's what I want in a partner, heheh, as well as myself. :) But perhaps because being gay means I had to figure out my feelings, the confusion of, is this OK, and why do I have these other feelings for some guys but not really for girls, or where some friendship-feelings blended into sexual attraction and feelings, well, to me, all of that has to have some similarities to how someone's gender identity feelings, transgender, must be.

I agree with Camy, that could be a really fine album cover, close cropped. Or you might want to do a similar pose with new photos and work from there.

Geez, I would think a poster about transgender would have the fur flying in a class critique, if they didn't stay on the topic of the art, style, technique, and presentation.

Thanks for the post about the artwork, that's great. Art's always welcome.

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