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When We Rise- television miniseries

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Okay, first let me tell you that I don't watch television anymore, not even for the news. But I saw a blurb on this new miniseries program that begins tonight, February 27th, and it looks like something I might find entertaining.


I guess we can thank ABC in advance for having the courage to say things other networks will not touch. Fronting a program that contains LGBTQ issues in this day of Trumpian hatred is a brave move. He will not watch it, he will probably hate it without watching, and that might be enough to get me to view the program. Find it on your local ABC network, except perhaps in communities and states where the local broadcasters are too cowardly to allow us to view programming that they find controversial. Let's hope there aren't too many cowards out there.

In the early reviews most viewers are disappointed that the cast is lacking in gay and lesbian actors. If the story, set in 1970's, is about gay characters then where are the gay actors? It remains to be seen what the producers have done to the script written by Dustin Lance Black.  But this retrospective about the gay movement in San Francisco, and the events surrounding the Stonewall riots in New York, speaks to a gay community that needs to remember its history.  

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Wish this were a more comprehensive picture of the movement. Having watched the episodes broadcast thusfar, it seems more a hstory of Cleve Jones's experience (one commentator described it as Milk 2). Then, the documentary is based on his writing. On a personal note, more than a few people who identified as bisexual were there, but you wouldn't know that from the story (Ken Jones's boyfriend might have been, yet the name for our identity isn't mentioned). But, that's pretty typical.

Carping aside, any treatment of the movement on a broadcast network over multiple nights is worth celebrating.

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