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  1. News & Views

    This is the place to post News Items and Personal Views of interest to the entire LGBT community.

  2. Dude's Desk

    Here's the spot where you can carry on a dialogue with the guys who run AwesomeDude. Questions, comments and constructive criticism are welcome.

  3. Coming Attractions!

    Sometimes our AwesomeDude Authors like to give their readers a 'heads up' when they are about to serialize a new story. This is the place that will happen.

    Note: This is not a discussion forum and may only be posted to by AwesomeDude Authors. Story discussions will still be held in the Readers Rule Forum.

  4. Readers Rule!

    Your chance to comment on online stories available at AwesomeDude or other sites. Kudos and constructive criticism welcome. You can also recommend or comment on stories in print versions.

  5. Roamin' Reader

    Like the Romans of old, our readers range far and wide, on the WWW and in books, and this is where they talk about the stories (completed or not) they've just discovered whilst away from AwesomeDude. Not limited to stories involving sexual orientation, or those being recommended for the BONN list, even an excellent murder mystery, or superb cookbook should be mentioned.

  6. First Alert

    A forum to alert AD readers to excellent but unfinished stories from Nifty and the net. The intent would be that readers would send notes to authors to encourage them to continue their good work and finish the stories.  vwl is your Moderator

  7. Review Row - Books In Print

    Welcome to the corner of AwesomeDude Forums reserved for reviews of LGBT fiction, non-fiction or poetry books in print. Feel free to review your favorite books hard cover or paperback here.

  8. Poets' Corner

    The Poetry Corner is a place for poets and their fans to post and have fun. Fans: make sure to comment on the many poems you see here.

  9. Writers' Workshop

    This is where we get down to the nuts and bolts of writing.
    We want this to be a lively discussion of the creative writing process as well as a place to share opinions, tips and suggestions. In keeping with the purpose of AwesomeDude, it will be a positive place where experienced authors can share with newer writers and the newer folks can bring fresh perspective to the discussion.

  10. Editor's Desk

    This is a meeting place for the unsung heroes of fiction, the editors who play such an important part in producing the stories you read here at AwesomeDude. A real fiction editor is much more than a proofreader and must be able to work with an author to bring out the best in his story. I hope you will use this space to share the 'tricks of your trade' with your peers and those who might be interested.

  11. AwesomeMuse Resource Center

    In ancient times the Musaeum, the Greek Μουσείον was the home of music and poetry, the temple of the muses -a museum.
    Rather than simply a museum in the sense that has developed since the Renaissance, it was an institution that brought together some of the best scholars of the Hellenistic world under the protection of the Muses. It also had rooms devoted to study and information - a Library.
    Here you will find all kinds of resources and references.

  12. Flash Fiction

    The Art of the 'short' Short Story

  13. The Bull Pen

    A place where writers can show examples of their work and receive advice. Old threads will be automatically removed after 14 days. Please read the Welcome announcement before posting.

  14. The Web Wiz

    At long last... a place to go with your computer and web technical questions. While co-hosts Camy and Rick don't claim to know it all... they promise to do their best to help you find out what you need to solve your technical problems.

  15. The Raccoon's Den

    This is a is a place where anything is fair game for discussion ... just so everybody is relatively nice about it. Beware the raccoon for he is subtle, and quick to anger.

  16. Laughs & Limericks

    A little humor, er humour

  17. Video Views

    Share your opinions and recommendations on LGBT-themed videos availabe on DVD or VCR formats. Tell us about your favorite Gay Related features and shorts. Like the stories here at AwesomeDude stories that are non-pornographic are desired. Your comments on television programs that fit the category are welcome as well.

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