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Stories for Chanukah, Christmas and New Year's

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Trek or Treat and Thanksgiving Dinner tell the story of two New York gay teens who come together through a shared love of Star Trek, Classical Jazz and a penchant for endless discussions of controversial topics. The story will continue with the posting of three more stories in the coming weeks. Thanksgiving Dinner introduces a new character in Part 3, Kyle, a nearly 10-year-old who understands advanced calculus and can read at a 12th grade level. He's also 100% certain that he's gay, but with no love at home, has very troubling thoughts about his future.

In Chanukah Gift, we'll meet 'Freck', a freckle-faced nearly 12-year-old gay high school sophomore with a troubled past that includes drug use and a nearly successful suicide attempt. The theme is serious, but the story is written for all ages to enjoy. Could love be the greatest Chanukah gift of all?

Christmas Storms is another 3-part novella that continues the stories of Asher, Seth, Kyle and Freck. As might be expected, the storms are both figurative and real. All four boys will become closer to their boyfriends and as friends to each other. Freck will discover his true calling and Kyle will realize where his future should lie. Asher and Seth's relationship will continue to grow as they prove to be the best friends Kyle and Freck could ever have.

New Year's Resolutions will be the concluding chapter in the saga of the New York kids, although I never rule out the possibility of future stories based on my characters. What starts out as a bet ends in a New Year's Eve party in which all the boys dress in drag and all the girls dress as boys. Much fun is had and a lot of things are resolved, but a surprising reconciliation is the main theme at the end of the day.

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