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For Whom A Tear Falls


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For Whom The Tears Fall

By DesDownunder.

No thing is isolated entire of itself;

Every thing is a piece of universe,

A part of the all.

If a single cell should cease to be,

The galaxy is the less, as well as if a sun were,

As well as if a dwelling of your friend's or of your own.

Any death diminishes life,

Because life is involved in living;

And therefore never send to know for whom a tear falls;

It falls for you.


A word about this work.

Some may regard this as plagiarism.

I do not, anymore than I would regard Liszt's transcriptions of other composers' works as being so.

(If you accept that, then I have no objections to you all telling me that I have failed miserably.)

In fact, I very much would like to dedicate the above to the original author of the work on which it is based.

With apologies to John Donne (1572-1631), and his meditation known popularly as "For Whom the bell tolls." (1624).

I urge you to search out the original on the net. It is a beautiful piece and somewhat longer. John Donne was a great writer and thinker.

I felt the unforgiving urge to try to express a similar idea to the famous section of the original in more modern and hopefully somewhat more universal images.

Edit: grammar and font

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