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Flow's First Battle

Guest Gabriel Duncan

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Guest Gabriel Duncan

Anyway, I'm going to be checking out a studio I've heard about soon. So I'll finally be getting some professional sounding recordings. And later, perhaps, sound-cushioned recordings.

lemme break-down some vocab for you.

vernacular, adjective [from Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.0.1)]

5. using plain, everyday, ordinary language.

9. the native speech or language of a place.

15. any medium or mode of expression that reflects popular taste or indigenous styles.

nomenclature, noun [from Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.0.1)]

1. a set or system of names or terms, as those used in a particular science or art, by an individual or community, etc.

2. the names or terms comprising a set or system.

Flow?s First Battle

by Gabriel Duncan

Got owned many times before, got one too many mc?s enflamed. I could not maintain.

They made clever changes. One switched up his ranges and re-aligned his endeavor.

I got cracked and splinterd. Went down like a lead feather.

The injection of ego makes me think this is difficult, but I can still design a flow,

And I?m getting awesome end results.

Like running in front of one step of the other. Laying down like Dr. Suess,

Zues?in it like your mother.

Chopping off legs with parts so sharp,

Honed like sharks spitting darts up at the hearts of larks.

Pwnd like getting slapped for harassing animals,

Like getting run through in the park with candles.

So hop around and waste your time. Reach and grab another line. You?re out of breath,

I?m doing fine.

You sound like a dime-store amatuer. Who has a poor knowledge of nomenclature.

That?s vernacular vocabulur fer all the laymans hur today.

Fuck all the motherfuckers who can?t spell this way.

In an instant, uncertainty proves useless. Not using regular shit,

Working the rhymes from two verses ago.

Just to jerk into your eye, and give you a show.

You wanna come with it, but I see you?re unsure.

I?ve got a mouth like manure breath. It?s pretty absurd.

Drown you like a turd in a blur of toilet paper.

Or burn you up, reconstitute you, turn you into lamer vapor.

With stiff resistance to insistance towards conformance; these rhymes are long distance.

You can?t touch the performance.

It?s like I set my words on pointless, pulled the trigger and took your confidence.

Windmill chasing b*tch, you?ve gone incompentent.

Have you lying on the stage, crying, ?cause your time is up already.

No denying, that there?s no trying, I?ve fucked you up already.

Worse than a terrorist, I?ve got no demands; just a list of names and my enemies? hands.

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