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Flows Second Battle (Pop Your Bubble)

Guest Rustic Monk

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Guest Rustic Monk

Flows Battle 2 (Pop Your Bubble)

Gabriel Duncan

Never knew what was in there

‘til it burst, exploded and splintered

popped inside my brain

I call that the creamy center

Breaking my pencils on the denseness

Of the senseless spatter I’ve spilt,

Over spools!

Spineless, spiritless, wispy, endless, litlting lists

If you think this is a therapuetic thrust

Into thermic termination, think again

This teaches the true theorist a tricky technique

To transcribe transmutations

Test the trivial institution

Termed versification

Fine-tuned using convivial tension

Without melody or rhythm

Sending tingles down your spine

With a physicians’ precision

While I’m still chillin’ in the dark

With them quenchless independents

Speech impediments make ‘em easy marks

When I hear them start again

Earmarked this lethargic remark

So I didn’t bust my larynx

Discharging mean scenes of scarlet, starlit conflicts

I disarmed their senses

With a barrage so endless

I taunted them

While they assembled a trembling response

It was a lesson in stultiloquence

Yes, I saved that for now

The resulting insult engulfed me

The april fool was too dull to see

That recycling words

Is truly absurd

Because, I am a cow

And my milk is assonance

Try my heavy cream

(it is magnificant)

Just ask, you shall receive

Sick Sith sits fresh with perspiration

Breathing through a deviated septum

He quit from arrowsmithin’

‘n dropped out of circulation

My style was so obscene

Used multiplication

And came with

An adaptation that

Makes you want to grab teddy

And hide under the blanket

Terrified ‘cause I don’t fake this

Just spit steady threads

While I’m waiting for sleep,

Laying in my bed

Notepads make it easy ‘cause

I don’t have to remember what I spray

I write it down instead

And that’s the rhyme I convey

Oh yeah, that’s right

It’s time to identify

The sly mind behind the rhymes

I’m a nice fellow called Flows

Despised, but admired

With eyes full of ire

Ready to give you an earful

I’ll yell “fire!” loud enough

To be heard on eight continents

Set afire the entires,

Watch ‘em flatten you

Like a herd of baby elephants

Confidantly dumping consonants

Full of contaminates

Covering miscreants entirely

Resistance is useless

That’s you in case you didn’t know

I’m quite vociferent

Glad you made it to the show

I don’t care you if you got shot nine

or ninety-nine times

You’re not hardcore

If you repeat the same rhymes

Fifty-nine times

And expect people to find

Genius in your design

No I don’t have a nine

And I don’t want to find no trouble

But it’s time to pop your bubble, double-time

Please pull the plug

You can’t rhyme

That's it

I battled with a bunch of my friends today. It was fun. Guess who won? ;)

Umm . . . I don't like the part towards the end. I like the end, end. But I think I biffed three and four stanzas up. Nevermind, I just made version two. With changes to the 15th and 16th stanzas. (3rd and 4th stanzas from the bottom.)

EDIT**I used the wrong word. I made up blandiloquence, but when I found out it was really a word, and it didn't mean what I thought it should; I changed it with another, actual word, stultiloquence. Umm . . . that means "silly talk" or something like that.

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