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The Perfect End to a Horrible Date

Guest Rustic Monk

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Guest Rustic Monk

The Perfect End to a Horrible Date

Gabriel Duncan

Word to the bitches

Fitted with velcro

I?m an escape artist

This bullshit won?t float

It doesn?t matter

What you look like

Or how you hold your purse

The way you drive the car

Or how hard you can purse

Your lips are like a crackhead?s

They?ll lie for fix

Tricks are for ho?s, kid

Eat a bowl of dick

Yeah you think it?s funny now

?Til you?re wrapped around my phone

Trying to call me desperately

Showing up at my home

I?m not trying to play

Whatever, reasons are trite

The point is you?re looking too hard

And I?m gonna call it a night

Your mind is a like goldfish?s

Who wishes it were a spy

Mixing business with pleasure

Keeping tabs on me with hidden eyes

Meanwhile I

Will play the game straight

Follow all the rules

Never over-complicate

It?s day three already

And I don?t want to answer it

I won?t devote every second

To someone without a semblance of boundaries

You used me like a tool

To show the other fools

Who had an interest you

Not to waste their time

And now it?s over

Shame on you

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