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Short Portrait of Another Hopeless Alcoholic

Guest Rustic Monk

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Guest Rustic Monk

Short Portrait of Another Hopeless Alcoholic

Gabriel Duncan

Let me tell you about a woman

Forty, maybe forty-five

Who pickles herself

While she?s still alive

She has three kids

And a house for free

But it?s not ?cause of what she did

Now listen to me

Her breath is like death

Her eyes keep a vacant stare

If you were to kill her child

I?m sure that she?d be unaware

But touch her vodka

You?d better think twice

It?s the only joy

That keeps this mama nice

In the morning

She has herself a screwdriver

A little later

She makes herself a dacqouri

Before three

She pours herself half of the bottle

By four

She hits five more

At full throttle

Well, her sense of reality

Might be greatly skewed

Because she never leaves

She says, it?s hardly an issue

Locked behind the blinds

Like doing hard time

Living in her bubble

Sanity is hard to find


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