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Ban Games in South Aussie

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THE controversial R18+ classification for video games is in jeopardy because of opposition from South Australian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson.

The issue of introducing an R18+ classification for games will be raised at the next Standing Committee of Attorneys-General (SCAG) on March 28. It has been off the political agenda since 2005.

At present, any game that exceeds an MA15+ rating must be refused classification in Australia. The hugely popular game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was pulled from the shelves after some features involving sex were deemed offensive. It had to be modified before it could be re-released.


Should there be an R18+ rating for video games? Vote in our poll on the right of this page.


See full article at


The comments at the above link, in reply to the article show some extraordinary responses to our present government.

I think Dude would immediately delete some of them for the way they address our Attorney General, if any one tried to used such descriptions at AD. Locally however it is fairly common language to describe the pollies, just unusual to see so much of it.

For a left wing labor government it seems to be well and truly out of touch with the people.

At last look the above poll was 75% for the games and 24% in favour of the ban,, which goes to show how out of touch the Attorney General is.


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