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Privacy Unearthed

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Privacy Unearthed

By DesDownUnder 2008.

Our worlds have an intimacy,

Seducing us with thoughts of privacy,

We each know the other in our mind?s eyes,

We typed to each other on the same keys,

Spelt out the same words of admiration,

Sworn the same feelings of adoration,

Sharing inner delight and frustration.

Our secret hidden net of privacy,

Coaxes exposure of intimacy,

So fanciful I think I know you well,

And you know me, I believe I can tell,

With lover?s thoughts and written admission

Freeing feelings in our premonition,

Undying love without admonition.

Holding our own hands as if another,

Breathing and listening to a lover,

When all that can be heard is just ourselves

As the computer screen webs our lives

We type out our heartfelt intimacy,

In delusion of sacred privacy,

As Gods and men watch our worlds in secrecy.

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