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Black River

Guest Brandon T.

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Guest Brandon T.

Black River -- Brandon T.

I am a child of the black river

In all of its immensity. An ebony

Snake whose coils bite into the hillsides

And rob the grasses and shrubs of their domains,

Holding them at bay with its raging, tumultuous

Depths of tar and asphalt. The black river

Runs through my veins, draws me to it, and

Brings my soft feet to the blazing surface, but

I do not recoil or turn away; I am of this river.

It is a part of me, that part deep inside that

Longs to wander and conquer mountains.

The part inside that lets me dream.

My feet do not burn when they touch the river,

Like the feet of an outsider might, and I smile as

I stare out at the long stretch of winding

Black water before me that glitters in the sun.

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